Saga 2 Ignites Record Preorders

Solana Mobile’s highly anticipated second smartphone, “Chapter 2,” is generating a massive buzz in the tech and crypto community, with preorders skyrocketing. This new device follows the successful release of Solana’s first handset, the Saga, which experienced a significant sales surge following unique crypto-related incentives.
 Chapter 2 was introduced as a more affordable alternative to its predecessor, priced at $450, compared to the Saga’s $599. This price point has contributed to its appeal, attracting a wide range of consumers. Within the first 30 hours of its announcement, Solana Mobile received an astounding 30,000 preorders, surpassing the entire 12-month sales figure of the first Saga handset. Similar to the Saga, Chapter 2 is Android-based, featuring a built-in crypto wallet, a Seed Vault, and a dApp store for decentralized applications. This setup caters to the growing demand for smartphones that seamlessly integrate with the crypto ecosystem, offering users a more fluid experience with their digital assets.
 Raj Gokal, the co-founder of Solana and president of Solana Labs, emphasizes the significant opportunity Chapter 2 presents for crypto app developers. The phone provides a focused distribution channel to a dedicated user base without the burden of traditional app store fees. This aspect is particularly appealing for developers seeking to reach out to crypto-savvy consumers. The Saga, initially launched in mid-2023 for $1,000, faced challenges in the market due to its high price point and stiff competition in the crowded smartphone market.
Its fortunes changed when the dog-focused memecoin BONK offered 30 million tokens to Saga owners for free, effectively making the phone a highly desirable asset almost overnight. Following this, other dApps started offering similar rewards, further boosting the Saga’s sales. The Chapter 2 phone is expected to ship in the first half of 2025, and Solana hopes to replicate the success of the Saga by offering similar crypto-incentivized experiences.
Although the Saga genesis token, a non-transferable NFT that came with each Saga device, won’t be available for Chapter 2 owners, Solana Mobile plans to build on the rewarding experiences of the Saga. Solana’s approach with Chapter 2 is focused on wider distribution and greater accessibility, using lessons learned from the past two years to provide more flexibility for both developers and users. The company is committed to creating an ecosystem that offers complete freedom for crypto developers and users, with no restrictions on tokens or NFTs.


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