‘StakeCube Coin’s market cap likely to increase tenfold by 2022’

With digital currencies poised for a bull run in 2021, it’s high time that you diversified your portfolio by selling some of your volatile assets and got into a masternode that pays out well. One of the best bets could be crypto platform StakeCube. Launched on 13 June 2018, StakeCube has delivered a stable platform with a thriving ecosystem with crypto enthusiasts.

This is because the market capitalisation of its coin— StakeCube Coin (SCC)—is projected to increase tenfold over the next year, according to Youtube masternode reviewer Crypto Tube.

StakeCube is the only platform with the first-ever integrated pool and an exchange that stakes user’s digital assets while they trade. Ever since its inception in June 2018, the team at StakeCube has put in considerable efforts to deliver a state-of-the-art staking pool to a 40,000 plus user base. It’s growing with each passing day.

Though the current market capitalisation of StakeCube ecosystem is just about six million dollars, Crypto Tube says that, “going into the next bull market, this is in a great position to really take a full advantage and hit new all-time highs with the market capitalisation increasing tenfold over the next year or so”.

From saving on exchange fees due to the fee reduction feature to earning more because of the daily interest and affiliate bonus features, StakeCoin offers some of these “great reasons” for crypto buffs to host more masternodes. Simply put, one would be taking home more rewards making your digital assets work on StakeCube.

The fee reduction and bonuses work this way: “For each node that you own, you get a bonus, and you can list a maximum of 10. Thereon, you can increase your base level for products such as BTC, Litecoin, Doge, Dash and you get a daily interest payout.

“There is a minimum level you need to have within your BTC wallet to unlock this, so for example, 50,000 Satoshi’s and then you’ll be getting your .02 percent daily for each masternode you have. On top, you’re going to get additional for up to 10 masternodes.

“So, overall you can get up to .03 percent interest daily, which is a substantial increase over the course of one year, that is a really great daily interest bonus to get,” the host explained on Crypto Tube.

Another utility is the exchange fee reduction. “You get a .01 percent reduction on exchange fees and goes up to a maximum limit of .05 percent. You’re going to save quite a lot on the exchange fees when you trade on the SCC platform,” he said.

Affiliate bonus is another great feature. “The cut-off fees taken by StakeCube is 4 percent fee on staking. For example, it’s 20 percent of that 4 percent fee that you’re gonna get as an affiliate and you can get a bonus of +1 percent for each SCC masternode up to a total of 10 percent increase so you can get up to 30 percent affiliate rate bonus and it is worthwhile,” Crypto Tube said.

Crytpo Tube also advised users to stay away from staking over a period of time and focus on masternode only.

“StakeCube has a blocked time of 120 seconds and has a total supply of 18 million SCC, which is pretty scarce. The staking rewards diminish over time and masternode rewardds increase in percentage value. This should push more users to stop staking and try and gain masternodes,” he says. All this will mount upward price pressure with uisers locking up coins in nodes.

StakeCube’s Dash community is also fast growing with the platform currently running two pooled nodes for Dash. The third one is in collecting mode with very few slots remaining to be grabbed. Dash also earns 7.52% annual interest rate on the platform. StakeCube currently has 44259 users with 53 coins listed on its platform. The combined pool value is 374 BTCs.


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