Unleashing Parcels from Districts: Bitmap Enters Phase 2 Beta with a Bang

Maria Irene

As dawn breaks over the digital landscape, a new era ushers in, heralding the commencement of Bitmap’s Phase 2 Beta: the much-anticipated Parcelling.

Bitoshi Blockamoto, the founder and thought leader behind the groundbreaking Bitmap theory, recently announced this evolutionary step in a letter to the growing community. The Bitmap enthusiasts can now head to Bitmap Land and begin exploring this uncharted territory.

The new addition brings an exciting element into the Bitmap ecosystem – ‘Parcelling’. As you search for your Bitmap districts (identified by their unique blockheight#) on the map, a uniform view of ‘parcels’ (transaction#) unfolds before your eyes.

Connecting your wallet to the platform gives you direct access to your districts. In this visually detailed view, the orange parcels depicted are an integral part of your district, with your district#.bitmap serving as the key.

And then the magic begins. As a user, you now have the power to detach your parcel from your district. This action is facilitated by the use of the core Bitmap Inscriber, built upon the innovative @trac_btc indexing of Bitmap and the potent LOOKSORDINAL Bitmap Inscriber. This tool has been tirelessly created by @bitmapdev under incredible pressure.

The standard designation for your detached property will read as: parcel#.district#.bitmap. However, once detached, these parcels enter a state of ‘unverifiable limbo’ (untapped), meaning they are yet to develop fully as parcels and hence should not be accepted on secondary markets.

But here’s the twist – to make these parcels ‘real’, you need to ‘TAP’ your district. Tapping essentially refers to the act of ‘sending to self’. This vital action signals the index that you’ve inscribed the parcels you wanted, making them verifiable and legit.

You can perform this function at Bitmap Land using Unisat Wallet. The only downside is that @xverseApp currently does not support the ‘send to self’ function, so Xverse users must employ an alternative wallet for tapping.

This process is designed to counteract potential frontrunning issues, a concept elaborately explained by @bitmapdev in his debut video here.

The Bitmap team calls upon the users to engage in battle-testing the phase 2 beta, with the knowledge that this experimental phase is an exploration in the ordinals world. They aim to present the most elegant and efficient design that can withstand the heaviest load.

Full rulesets for Bitmap districts and parcels are available on Bitmap’s GitHub. Users are encouraged to test the resilience of the Bitmap standard, formed by these two core components.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey in Bitmap’s signature project, Bitmap Land.

Buckle up as the world of digital parcels awaits you. Embrace the digital transformation with Bitmap’s Phase 2 Beta.


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