Walking the Blockchain: Dior Steps into the Future with Ethereum-powered Sneakers

In a bold blend of high fashion and high technology, French fashion house Dior is stepping into the blockchain world with a new line of men’s sneakers that marry style with the Ethereum blockchain. The company recently announced its novel concept of issuing matching non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for each pair of its new B33 sneakers, artfully combining the worlds of haute couture and blockchain technology.

The B33 sneaker, part of Dior’s Men’s Fall 2023 collection, was designed by Dior Menswear artistic director Kim Jones. The inaugural style, a fusion of mohair and Dior’s signature Oblique pattern, is set for an exclusive online release on July 6, with only 470 pairs in this limited run. Each pair will be linked to a unique, encrypted online authentication system and will come with an accompanying ‘digital twin’ NFT. These matching NFTs, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, add an innovative layer of ownership and authenticity to these fashion items.

Following the release of these exclusive NFT-accompanied sneakers, Dior will launch six more styles of the B33. These styles will not come with a digital twin NFT, but they will feature an NFC chip under the sole of the right foot. This chip will lead holders to a secure, personalized online platform that offers digital certificates of authenticity for each shoe owner. The platform will also provide other dedicated services, yet to be revealed. The price for these pairs will range from $1,000 to $1,1002.

Dior’s foray into the blockchain realm isn’t entirely surprising, considering the recent Web3-focused initiatives of its parent company, LVMH. Various LVMH-owned brands, including Hennessy, TAG Heuer, and Louis Vuitton, have already introduced product lines and programs that integrate blockchain features. However, Dior’s approach is unique as it avoids using blockchain-related terms like “Web3” and “NFT” in its promotional materials for the B33 sneaker line.

As blockchain capabilities become increasingly mainstream for household brands, some are beginning to distance themselves from terms like “Web3,” “crypto,” and “the metaverse” due to their associated baggage. It seems that Dior is choosing to let the product speak for itself, allowing customers to appreciate the innovation without the distraction of buzzwords.

With this move, Dior is not just redefining luxury fashion, but also reshaping the way we perceive ownership and authenticity in the digital age. As we move towards a future where blockchain becomes integral to our everyday lives, Dior’s blockchain-powered sneakers offer a compelling glimpse of what’s to come.


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