WAX’s Blockchain Brawlers: A Game-Changing Grapple

Maria Irene

WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) has thrown its hat into the gaming ring with the launch of Blockchain Brawlers. The wrestling-themed NFT game, announced with much fanfare, aims to bridge the chasm between traditional gaming avenues and blockchain technology. Making its grand entry on the Epic Games Store, the game is now within reach for over 230 million PC gamers globally.

Developed by WAX, Blockchain Brawlers combines the mass appeal of wrestling with the intricacies of blockchain technology. It doesn’t merely offer players a chance to revel in a digital wrestling universe but also allows them to own and trade in-game assets via NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The game has come at a time when gaming and blockchain are witnessing a convergence, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

But it’s not just WAX making waves in this emerging sector. PancakeSwap, a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange, has jumped into the gaming foray with Pancake Protectors, an immersive tower defence game. Launched on Mobox, a player versus player Gamefi platform on the Binance chain, the game enables players to earn the platform’s native token, CAKE. And if that’s not sweet enough, the token experienced a significant rally of over 20% following the game’s launch.

Pancake Protectors goes beyond the traditional gaming experience by incorporating elements of NFTs and play-to-earn mechanisms. Players can use various NFTs like BAYC and MAYC to personalise their avatars, adding an additional layer of engagement. It doesn’t stop there; PancakeSwap also hosts PancakeGames, a dedicated platform for gaming companies to integrate blockchain-based features and NFTs into their gaming ecosystems. The range of services includes everything from yield farming to staking, to new token launch models, making it a versatile offering in the gaming landscape.

The trend towards the integration of gaming and blockchain technology isn’t limited to these two powerhouses, however. Decentraland offers a fully decentralised virtual universe where players can acquire virtual land with cryptocurrency, create 3D models, and explore to their heart’s content. Axie Infinity has been a forerunner in the play-to-earn arena, allowing users to breed, battle, and trade Axies, their fantasy creatures. Illuvium, an open-world RPG on the Ethereum blockchain, aims to deliver a triple-A gaming experience with strategic elements and collectible card gameplay. Upland, a mobile Monopoly-style game, has held its ground with a consistent user base, while Battle Infinity represents an upcoming fantasy sports metaverse game.

New kids on the block include Neopets Meta, a Solana-based iteration of the popular Neopets franchise, and Splinterlands, which has gained traction in 2023 for its NFT collectibles and Web 3.0 technology features. With a medley of games like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, RobotEra, Calvaria, and Silks also topping the charts, the blockchain gaming world is anything but short on variety.

What WAX’s Blockchain Brawlers represents is not just a new entry but a potent declaration that blockchain gaming has graduated from being a fringe activity to a mainstream contender. As traditional gaming platforms warm up to the possibilities of blockchain integration, gamers are in for not just a new level of gameplay but a paradigm shift in the very concept of gaming itself.

The coming together of blockchain technology, NFTs, and gaming is creating a fascinating dynamic, transforming the way we perceive ownership, interactivity, and financial gains in the digital play space. It’s early days, but if the enthusiasm around these blockchain-based gaming initiatives is anything to go by, we’re staring at an industry that’s ripe for disruption and unimaginable growth.

So, will Blockchain Brawlers pin its competitors to the mat, or will it get counted out? Either way, it’s high time to grab your virtual popcorn because this is one brawl you won’t want to miss.


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