‘We want Flits to be the largest masternode and cold staking platform in the market’

Mitchel van Amstel and Koen van Griensven on how they plan to make Flits more than just a hosting solution

How did you come up with FLITS?

Flits started as a solution to a problem we experienced ourselves. To start a masternode, we were dependent on a desktop PC or a laptop. We were convinced this could be made more easy and convenient. That is why we developed an app that makes setting up and monitoring masternodes easy. Now Flits is growing out to be even more than ‘just’ a masternode hosting solution, we want Flits to become a full mobile passive income solution. We have a lot of ideas and we want to test and implement them. But the main focus will always be the user experience and the user input we use to improve Flits, so it is always providing the best service for our user needs.

Klimatas is your first project. How did that get launched? What made you get into the masternode space?

I was involved in blockchain for a long time. In 2017 I discovered masternodes and started investing in them. End of 2017, I was working on my own masternode hosting platform. I sadly never completed this because of lack of time and team members. Around this time I bumped into Koen who I have known for over 17 years. During our catchup, we discussed our studies and what we were working on. Koen told me he was doing a lot in the sustainability field. I suppose we merged our interests and came out with Klimatas. My interest in the blockchain space and his interest in environmental issues is the real reason behind Klimatas.

What about your career and background?

I started with a web development company when I was 15, and I’m a self-taught programmer. After working on my web development company, I got into software and mobile app development. I quit school when I was 18. It’s around this time I crossed paths with crypto currencies. As time went by, I got more involved into cryptocurrencies. I’ve been in the blockchain space since the start, experimenting with mining in the early stages. Koen has a background in Business Development and Innovation and has done assignments for Shell, Ordina and Bavaria. Koen and I have had businesses in the past. As discussed earlier, I had provided web hosting and development services for a few years and Koen had a startup where he made and sold sustainable streetwear (clothing). This company still exists today and aims to be a rebel and force change in the clothing industry.

Can you briefly tell us about the roadmap for 2020 for FLITS?

After the launch of Flits, the government was concerned with the regulation of crypto currencies. To comply with the new legislation (AMDL5) we adjusted the app to be decentralized. In this way, there is no need to meet new requirements imposed on crypto companies and Flits can guarantee the principles of blockchain and crypto currencies. In 2020, the focus will be on extending our app. Features like buying and selling coins inside Flits, cold staking/DPoS will be our focus. User experience is also what we are working on and we plan to make the app more accessible for all kind of users.

Where would you want FLITS to be in December 2020?

We made a vision and a mission statement for Flits, for the next 5 years. “Flits wants to become the most convenient and complete passive income solution. Within the next 5 years we want to create a network and community of stakeholders that help us build the best crypto solution for passive income and passive income management. We want to create value not only for our end-users, but also for the projects and partners who make everything possible with us. By creating the best app we aim to become the largest masternode and cold staking platform in the market.

‘We are focusing a lot on user experience. We plan to make the app more accessible for all kind of users’

Where are all your subscribers or customers from?

Our users come from all over the world, most of our current users are from the USA, followed by investors from the Netherlands. But we also have users from Russia, South-Africa, Brazil and Iran. In total there are over 108 nationalities who make use of our app and we are quite proud of this!

Tell us about the crypto space in Netherlands.

The crypto community in The Netherlands is getting bigger. People in The Netherlands are mostly focused on Bitcoin and the other popular crypto, but we also see more people getting involved in masternodes. Currently our government is creating laws about crypto, especially regarding AML/KYC, like for the rest of Europe. I’m not sure on the impact this will create on crypto users.

Have you been in BTC for long? With the COVID crisis, has your faith in Btc waned?

As a developer, Bitcoin immediately drew my attention. I started experimenting with mining and trading and bought, sold and held coins over all the years until now. For me decentralised finance is the way to go, and Flits will be an addition to the project Satoshi Nakamoto started back in 2009. Blockchain has a big future, maybe not in its current form, but decentralised finance will be the way to go. We are now also in the start of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. I’m very curious how this will develop the way we handle economics. Mr Trump is already started printing his 2 trillion USD, Europe is warming up their money printers, we will see how this all develops.

Any price predictions for BTC for this year?

Bitcoin has been moving a lot already this year. I always find it hard to make these kinds of predictions. I shall keep some moderate expectations in mind. I think we will end the year between $10,000 and $15,000. It will depend a lot on how the European regulations will affect adoption. I think Asia and Africa have some good chances here.


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