Wirex and Transact Payments Forge a Game-Changing Alliance

Wirex, a global frontrunner in crypto payments, has announced a partnership with Transact Payments, a leading e-money institution known for its expertise in payment and card solutions. The alliance is aimed at amplifying Wirex’s card products and offering a smoother payment experience for users, particularly in the European Economic Area (EEA).

In the highly dynamic and evolving landscape of crypto payment systems, Wirex and Transact Payments are essentially shaking hands to bring their respective user bases a more enriched and seamless way to manage their transactions.

Wirex, with its whopping 6 million users, is no stranger to setting trends in the digital payment ecosystem. CEO and Co-Founder Pavel Matveev encapsulates the company’s enthusiasm, stating, “We approach this new and important milestone as we join hands with Transact Payments, a company recognised for innovation in card issuance. This partnership resonates with our commitment to providing the best for our users and enhancing the card experience.” Wirex was the innovator behind the world’s first crypto-enabled payment card in 2015, a tool that enabled users to spend both crypto and traditional currencies easily. As a business that’s continually expanded its reach—including a push into the US and Australia—it’s clear that Wirex is not resting on its laurels.

On the other side, Transact Payments, with its reputable track record in card and payment solutions, provides flexible U.K. and European Bank Identification Number (BIN) sponsorship and modular payment services across a range of card types—debit, credit, and prepaid. Sergio Gandolfo, CEO at Transact Payments, didn’t mince words about the collaboration: “Wirex is a business that we have admired for some time as a leader in their sector, and we are delighted to partner with them in enhancing their service offering to EU customers.”

The upgrade, brought about by this union, aims to offer users increased flexibility and ease, whether shopping online, making purchases at brick-and-mortar stores, or transacting on the go. It’s a clear indicator that Wirex remains attuned to what its users want, keen on staying ahead of industry trends to offer an all-encompassing and adaptable payment experience.

Transact Payments isn’t a novice in the field either. With live programmes in 25 countries and services in 16 different currencies, they bring a robust and scalable system to the table. Their affiliations with various leading processors like Marqeta, Global Processing Services (GPS), i2c, FIS, Tribe, and Paymentology make them a perfect fit for this kind of strategic alliance.

The exciting part? Both companies see this as just the beginning. A sentiment echoed in Gandolfo’s words: “We are sure that this is just the start of our relationship and look forward to supporting them as their product offering continues to grow.”

While many businesses talk the talk when it comes to offering ‘revolutionary’ products and services, this partnership between Wirex and Transact Payments genuinely seems poised to deliver. Not only are they uniting their individual strengths, but they’re also responding directly to the demands and needs of the modern user—somebody who, in today’s fast-paced world, values not just convenience but also reliability and flexibility in their financial transactions.

In a world increasingly leaning towards digital transactions and the embrace of cryptocurrencies, this collaborative venture between Wirex and Transact Payments can be seen as a confident step forward. One can’t help but be intrigued by what this partnership could mean for the future of digital and crypto payments, especially in the competitive European market. Only time will tell, but as for now, the stage is set for some serious disruption.


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