Peter Brandt Declares Bitcoin Bottom, Warns of Choppy Waters Ahead

Veteran trader and analyst Peter Brandt has made a bold prediction, stating that he believes Bitcoin has hit its bottom, but warns crypto enthusiasts to prepare for a turbulent journey before reaching new all-time highs. In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on October 26, Brandt shared his insights with his 660,000 followers, expressing confidence that Bitcoin likely bottomed in November 2022 and is poised to achieve new highs by the third quarter of 2024.

Despite his optimistic outlook, Brandt offered a disclaimer, acknowledging the inherent uncertainty in predicting the future of financial markets. He emphasized that markets will “always” surprise, urging caution even as he anticipates a positive trajectory for Bitcoin.

When asked about his thoughts on Chainlink by a user on X, Brandt didn’t hold back, stating, “I stick with BTC and don’t get distracted by pretenders.” The proprietary trader, with a career dating back to 1975, revealed that he has adhered to a specific blueprint for nearly two years, focusing primarily on Bitcoin.

Brandt further shared that his preferred chart for analyzing Bitcoin’s price movement is the weekly Renko graph. According to him, this chart type helps filter out “fake moves” and has only delivered five incorrect signals in the past five years. His reliance on this chart suggests a strategic approach to navigate the often unpredictable crypto market.

Despite Bitcoin’s recent surge in price following months of relatively sideways movement, Brandt’s warning of a potential “chopfest” indicates that the road to new all-time highs may not be a smooth ascent. Many attribute Bitcoin’s recent performance to heightened anticipation surrounding the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which could further boost its market dynamics. As investors brace for volatility, Brandt’s insights provide a nuanced perspective on the intricate path that Bitcoin might tread in the coming months.


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