Worldcoin Shifts Gears: Embraces Optimism for Future Launch and Scalability

Worldcoin, the trailblazing decentralized identity and wallet protocol, has made a significant leap towards its future launch by migrating its operations from Polygon to Optimism, a cutting-edge Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution. This strategic move is aimed at unlocking the full potential of crypto, enabling seamless scalability, and advancing the evolution of blockchain-based identity.

The migration process involved the creation of bridges to facilitate the smooth transition of the World ID protocol from Ethereum to both Polygon and Optimism. Additionally, the majority of World App users’ accounts have already been successfully migrated to the Optimism platform, with the remaining accounts set to join shortly.

Having attracted over 2 million signups, Worldcoin’s innovative approach to biometric decentralized identity has garnered significant interest from global hubs like Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo. These cities have embraced the integration of Orbs, specialized biometric devices capable of iris-based user inclusion and information registration within the protocol.

Optimism, known for its concept of a “super chain,” offers an inclusive ecosystem where multiple chains can seamlessly interact atop the L2 platform, effectively transforming it into a robust “platform for chains.” Notably, Base, the Ethereum L2 scaling layer built by Coinbase, is among the projects thriving within the Optimism ecosystem.

The integration of World ID on Optimism holds immense potential, empowering the decentralized protocol with essential ID validation services at the L2 layer. This addition enhances the capabilities of the Citizens House, a governance component designed to retroactively allocate funding to vital “public goods” on the platform.

Moreover, Worldcoin’s integration could bolster Optimism’s Attestation Station, streamlining the ID verification process for any party involved in signing documents within the super chain.

With the successful migration to Optimism complete, Worldcoin sets its sights on realizing its vision of a scalable and inclusive future, revolutionizing the crypto space, and pushing the boundaries of blockchain-based identity to new heights.


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