Gloves Off: Trac and UniSat Grapple for Ordinals Space Supremacy

Maria Irene

In an explosive display of competition, Trac and UniSat are publicly jostling for dominance in the Ordinals and BRC20 space, further heating up the battle for supremacy in this nascent market. These rivalling platforms are offering divergent yet enthralling visions of the future of Ordinals, inciting both excitement and concern in the community.

Trac, the decentralized Ordinals metaprotocol tracking entity, recently opened the floor for a discussion on building a competitive alternative to UniSat – contingent upon sufficient funding. Their sharp criticism of UniSat’s approach, branding it as an “NFT-like liquidity extraction party,” signifies a significant clash in ideologies. In a public statement, Trac voiced its ambitious goal: “If there is interest to fund, we would be willing to help build a full-featured competition to Unisat, but with actual ethics.”

On the other side of the aisle, UniSat, a marketplace, and swap/dex service on the Ordinals space countered these accusations with a firm denial. “Looking for absolute Ordinals dominance is never our vision,” they retorted, reinforcing their commitment to facilitating Bitcoin’s growth and transformation. Further, UniSat emphasized their focus on compatibility, composability, parallelism, and scalability, aiming to mold Bitcoin into a versatile, organic system. The statements were featured in an on-chain interview with Lorenzo, a figure instrumental in UniSat’s vision.

In response to the current tug of war, Snarky Puppy, a prominent community member, drew comparisons between the rivalry unfolding in the Ordinals space and the Doginal space, stating that such competition ultimately accelerates innovation and user adoption. In his view, the same momentum could potentially be harnessed in the BRC20 arena, injecting new vitality into the sector.

While the Ordinals community is currently nascent compared to the broader bitcoin industry, industry observers believe it could become a major player in the transformative blockchain landscape, especially with such impassioned efforts from Trac, UniSat, and other teams. As noted by Ordinals World, a key voice in the sector, “More communication and collaboration is part of our ordinals culture.”

It remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in this head-to-head contest for dominance in the Ordinals and BRC20 space. Regardless of the outcome, this rivalry is expected to spur innovation, attract investors, and draw broader attention to the Ordinals sector, thereby driving the entire industry forward. The battle between Trac and UniSat, it seems, is just the beginning of a larger, more exhilarating story of blockchain evolution.


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