From Phase to Phase, Bitoshi Raises the Bitmap Pace!

Maria Irene

In a recent announcement on twitter, Bitoshi Blockamoto, the enigmatic founder and leading figure of Bitmaps, has outlined a daring new strategy for the platform’s development. The trailblazing tech genius, with a penchant for dropping surprise updates, has unveiled a progressive plan for the future of the Bitmap platform that ensures users have much to look forward to.

Unveiling this new road map, Blockamoto elucidated on the core elements that have formed the bedrock of Bitmaps until now. In the crypto-cum-technical lexicon, ‘Phase 0’ denoted the unveiling of the whitepaper and gitbook, which served as the foundational pillars for Bitmaps. ‘Phase 1’ witnessed the critical transition from ‘block 0’ to ‘blockout’, while ‘Phase 2’ introduced the game-changing feature of ‘parcelling’.

As Bitoshi Blockamoto candidly admitted, everyone is itching for the unveiling of the next steps. In a classic display of his iconic #satoshistyle, he hinted at a series of upcoming phases that are set to take the platform to new heights. The community has been left buzzing with anticipation, although the details of what these phases entail have yet to be revealed.

“My job now is to help set the narrative, and fill in the missing pieces of the standard through the remainder of this rollout,” Blockamoto announced. The focus, according to him, is to empower the community further by gradually releasing additional features of Bitmaps and shaping the way forward.

Despite the curiosity surrounding the launch of these phases, Blockamoto assures that they will happen at a “steady, natural pace”. This is a bid to avoid rushing new features to market before their time, particularly given the substantial interest already generated by Bitmap’s unique ‘parcel standard’ and ‘signature offerings’.

Phase 2 is currently in the process of being disseminated to a wider audience, with Blockamoto making it clear that the team won’t be rushing to bring out new features until the existing ones have fully penetrated the market. Blockamoto envisions these phases to imbue life into bitmap blocks and parcels, gradually nurturing the growth of the platform.

In a nod to the platform’s community-centric focus, Blockamoto expressed that the world now has the ability to claim blocks, just as he did. The power to shape the community lies with the users, with their blocks and the parcels within them. But exactly how many phases are there going to be? Well, in true Blockamoto style, he leaves us eagerly guessing.

As Bitmap’s users brace for the advent of the ‘next phases’, the community, developers, and Bitmappers are set to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and innovation, cementing Bitmaps as the go-to platform for the digital age.

But what remains to be seen is, will these phases fulfil the prophecy of Bitmaps becoming the digital world’s cornerstone? Only time (and Bitoshi Blockamoto) will tell.


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