BONK Boom Turns Solana Phones into Hotcakes

The once-overlooked Saga phone is having its moment in the sun, and it’s all thanks to the meme-fueled rise of BONK.

Arbitrage traders are in hot pursuit of a 30 million BONK token airdrop, a golden opportunity for every proud owner of the Saga phone. With BONK’s current value, the $599 phone comes with a sweet bonus, nearly $700 worth of crypto. Solana co-founder Raj Gokal revealed the frenzy, announcing a staggering tenfold surge in Saga sales over the past 48 hours, setting the stage for a sellout before the year-end. The success is so remarkable that Anatoly Yakovenko hinted at the need to up the phone’s price to match the demand.

BONK, Solana’s whimsical answer to Dogecoin, is at the heart of this turnaround tale for Saga. A week ago, the smartphone faced a gloomy outlook with lackluster sales figures, but the BONK craze has breathed new life into its prospects. Saga, a blockchain-enabled smartphone, boasts special features for securely storing crypto on the device’s hardware.

Thursday witnessed a surge in activity on the Saga Discord server, with newcomers flooding in, proudly declaring their latest phone purchase and eagerness to snag the BONK airdrop.

As revealed in Discord posts, the coveted BONK airdrop is accessible to those who download the BONK app from Saga’s crypto-centric custom app store. A user, claiming to be a Solana Mobile employee, shared the scoop on how having the phone grants access to minting the ‘Genesis token’ through the ‘dApp store, making them eligible for the BONK drop.

“The bonk drop is NOT forever; at some point, that promotion will end,” cautioned a Discord user named Jax. “As of right now, the claim is live and is up to the bonk team on when they’d want to close it. No end date yet.” The saga of Saga takes an unexpected turn as BONK fever reshapes the narrative, turning Solana phones into an unexpected must-have commodity.


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