Polemos and Illuvium Unleash Game-Changing NFT Rental Power

Imagine a future where gamers can effortlessly navigate tough levels with rented in-game items, or test out new games on their wishlist by borrowing NFTs. This vision might not be too far-fetched, thanks to Polemos co-founder Richard McLaren, who envisions a gaming economy where players not only play but also rent out their in-game assets for a fee.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, McLaren spilled the beans on a groundbreaking partnership between Polemos, a gaming infrastructure service, and Illuvium, a fantasy battle game. McLaren sees this collaboration as a catalyst for breaking down barriers, providing a more accessible entry point for players itching to dive into the Illuvium experience.

The conventional woe of blockchain games often demands players to cough up hefty amounts just to get started. However, McLaren proposes a game-changer—renting NFTs for a few days. This, he believes, not only boosts sales but also broadens the player base by offering a more financially accommodating on-ramp to the gaming world.

Polemos’ innovation, “The Armory,” introduces a non-collateralized NFT lending protocol, revolutionizing the game asset rental landscape. McLaren explains the pay-up-front model eliminates the need for players to provide collateral, making it accessible to a broader audience without hefty capital requirements.

“You don’t have to cover the value of the asset because we’re confident the technology prevents you from damaging that in any way. So it opens up this as non-collateralized lending to a much wider audience of people who don’t have the capital to put down to secure an asset.”

While some might perceive game asset NFT lending as a niche, McLaren predicts a significant market potential. He anticipates game asset lending to carve out a substantial share, ranging from 30% to 40% of the $2.3 billion invested in NFT gaming in 2023. The implications go beyond financial gains, fostering a gaming ecosystem where players can explore, experiment, and contribute to the evolution of virtual realms without breaking the bank.

The Polemos and Illuvium partnership emerges as a beacon of innovation, promising a future where NFTs aren’t just collectibles but tools that empower players to navigate the ever-expanding universe of digital adventures.


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