Changes on the Way for Flits in 2021

Big changes are on the cards for Flits, with the ‘be your own bank’ app rolling out a series of significant updates over the next two years.

Planned upgrades include a complete rebuild of the Flits app core, along with a major overhaul of the current Flits web feature.

The aim is a more personalised and versatile user experience—with user notifications, more flexible payment options and improved seed phrase mechanism.

The bigger picture also looks promising, with the introduction of a fiat-crypto gateway and smart contracts further down the line.

Flits: good, but could do better

With more than 36,000 global users, Flits has established itself as the first passive income app to combine wallets, masternodes and staking.

You can set up pretty much as your own bank, with facilities to store coins, earn interest and spend. Flits wallets are easy to create and use. They are also secure, with the user holding the key to their coins.

The app allows you to hold and trade a wide variety of crypto assets. Multiple features allow mining, cold staking and running of masternodes, with gift cards and built-in helpdesk available.

Yet there’s room for improvement, with the company targeting faster customer service turnaround, greater community engagement, continued technological upgrades and more strategic collaborations.

Key improvements and upgrades in the pipeline

So, the team want to facilitate the app’s future expansion (Building Flits 5.0). They also want to make Flit’s web features an active and functional extension of the app (Flits Web 2.0).

Overall, there are six key areas targeted for upgrade in 2021.

  1. Purchases, payments and invoicing
  • Traditional payment methods added to the app, including credit cards and PayPal.
  • New structured invoicing system for app users.
  • Complete redesign of app’s gift card section.
  • Enhanced performance stats (earnings).
  1. Security
  • Email notifications when logging in from different devices.
  • An overview of all devices logged in.
  • New timer to prevent screenshots of seed phrases, making it virtually impossible to recover a SEED in one click.
  • Enhanced seed phrase recovery mechanism.
  • Warning system to alert users of planned app upgrades.
  1. Flits website
  • Comprehensive restyle of current website.
  • Creation of an ‘information hub’ to manage information more effectively.
  • Full incorporation of website into the app and main social media channels (Twitter, Telegram and Discord).
  • Automation of internal processes including customer support, articles, promotions and partnerships.
  • Greater visibility of project capacity for investors.
  1. Flits cold platform

Flits wants to attract more people to the ecosystem with a dedicated ‘cold hosting’ platform to support masternode hosting and staking.

  1. Fiat on-off ramp

A fiat/crypto gateway is in the works, allowing users to easily convert crypto to fiat and vice versa. This major advance is in the final phase of testing.

  1. Flits DeFi

DeFi elements will be introduced at a later stage, incorporating smart contracts, DeFi platform, yield farming, liquidity pools and NFTs. Again, this is a major project requiring more time to properly explore and assess.

Flits hopes to up the value for both users and investors, while taking the time to get it right.


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