‘Crypto bros can now pawn their stuff during the bear market’

Maria Irene

Have you ever dreamed of trading a physical Rolex like a digital currency, borrowing against an art piece, or lending capital with a rare watch as collateral? The future has arrived, and it’s shimmering in 4K.

The 4K Protocol is revolutionizing the way we interact with our most treasured possessions. Through physically-backed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), 4K is transforming items like jewelry, watches, and art into digital assets that can be traded, leveraged, or even fractionalized.

In an era where everything seems intangible and virtual, 4K promises to blend the physical with the virtual in a seamless dance of technology and tangibility.

Imagine owning a luxurious Richard Mille watch. Now, picture leveraging that ownership to secure a loan without paperwork or credit checks. The watch is authenticated, stored, and tokenized by trusted crypto services. Within a mere 60 days, you can earn interest or burn the NFT to have your watch shipped right to your door. It’s not just a concept; it’s a reality.

One satisfied user, Cirrus, narrates his experience with 4K. He effortlessly provided a $50,000 loan at 15% APR against an NFT representing his precious watch. With no paperwork or hassles, the transaction was as simple as a mouse click.

The digital wave that 4K is riding is not only transforming how we own and interact with physical assets but also reshaping our perceptions of value, ownership, and the way we conduct business.

Current blockchain innovations were confined to digital assets, leaving physical possessions detached from this disruptive technology. 4K is set to change this by creating a bridge between the physical and digital realms. This intersection is more than a technological advancement; it’s an ideological shift towards open, fair, and transparent representation of physical assets. The unjust systems raking profits at the expense of hardworking individuals are now at the brink of transformation.

The 4K Protocol coordinates a global network of physical vaults known as Guardians, service providers including appraisers and authenticators, and on-chain mechanisms. This harmonious collaboration aims to redefine ownership, trading, and leveraging of physical assets in an unprecedented way.

The heart of the 4K revolution lies in minting, a process that transforms physical valuables into digital equivalents. With costs ranging from $20 to $50 on Ethereum and $1-2 on Polygon, coupled with various services, the 4K Minter has demystified the creation of physically-backed NFTs. Whether you possess a $10,000 Rolex or any other cherished item, your asset is not only vaulted and insured but also harnessed in ways never conceived before.

Through the 4K Protocol, a new chapter is being written in how we perceive and interact with the things we hold dear. Trade, transfer, or even fractionalize your physical assets, all at a fraction of traditional costs. With the future looming large and promises unfolding, 4K is a social and economic revolution. It’s dismantling established monopolies and setting a path for a fairer system.

As some in the community eloquently put it, “Crypto bros can now pawn their stuff during the bear market.” Another adds, “It’s just a matter of time.”

Just like the Internet transformed our access to information, the 4K Protocol presents a fundamental shift in how we interact with physical assets. It’s a call for the common person, for the common good. A call that rings, “Come, join us, as we pursue our mission to build the future that we all want.”

From watches to wallets, from blockchains to real-world valuables, 4K is where technology and reality converge. It’s not just the future; it’s here, it’s now, it’s 4K. In the words of one satisfied user, “I don’t know the borrower, but I do know that in 60 days I’ll either earn interest or have a cool new watch shipped to me.” Perhaps, it’s time for you to know 4K too.


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