Drive, Park, Mine: The Electric Crypto Car is Coming!

Take an eco-friendly spin on the highway, then mine some cryptocurrency when you park. The upcoming Daymak Avvenire Spiritus electric car is a landmark development for crypto lovers who care about their environmental impact.

According to Daymak, it’s also a global first—the only electric car in the world allowing drivers to mine anything from Dogecoin to Bitcoin while their car is stationary.

Eco-friendly crypto mining a reality

One of the biggest drawbacks for crypto mining is the heavy emissions load it generates.

Daymak’s flagship electric vehicle, Spiritus, is set to change all that. As the first car ever to feature mining hardware and cryptocurrency technology programmed into its user interface, Spiritus features emission-free driving and solar-charging capacity.

If you buy a Spiritus, you are essentially buying a green crypto miner node. Every Spiritus car will be a node on the blockchain, with Nebula Miner and Nebula Wallet built in.

  • Nebula Miner: Park the Spiritus on top of its wireless charging pad, solar charge it or plug in. Then start mining.
  • Nebula Wallet: Store your mining profits in your wallet. Then carry out your daily crypto transactions via secure interface.

Pay for Spiritus using crypto coins

Green-hearted crypto miners will have to be patient though. The Spiritus doesn’t launch until 2023.

There’s no shortage of buyers, either. Toronto-based Daymak Avvenire received $300 million in pre-orders—in less than 60 days—for its exciting range of light electric vehicles (LEVs) which also includes ebikes, scooters and even a personal flying vehicle.

The Canadian company is accepting Spiritus pre-payments in a number of cryptocurrencies, including Doge, Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin.

This makes Daymak one of the first LEV manufacturers to open the door to blockchain payments. Tesla, meanwhile, has suspended Bitcoin payments for its electric cars, due to the coin’s heavy use of fossil fuels.

Daymak’s grand crypto ambitions

Daymak sees a future where every drive-related bill will be paid ‘on the fly’ using cryptocurrency, including highway tolls, fuel, parking and drive-through orders.

According to Daymak President Aldo Baiocchi, you will also be able to pay online bills and do your daily banking using the same crypto software platform.

Your car will no longer be a depreciating asset. Instead, the Spiritus can make you money while it’s parked—and make daily life easier.

Definitely a car maker to watch!


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