Trump Coin Buzz: Crypto Community Speculates on DJT Token Launch

Donald Trump appears to be tapping into the $2.5 trillion crypto industry with rumors swirling about a new crypto token dubbed “Trump Coin.” As Trump ramps up his campaign for the November presidential election, industry insiders are keenly watching the developments around this so-called meme token, registered on the Solana blockchain under the symbol “DJT,” the same as his social media platform, Truth Social.

The term DJT is not unfamiliar in the financial world. Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, went public in March, with its stock hitting highs of $79.38 before settling around $35. Like meme stocks, which are driven by internet trends and pop culture references, meme tokens have carved out a niche in the crypto world. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, initially created as jokes, have grown into substantial forces with a combined market cap of $50 billion. Trump Coin, if it follows a similar trajectory, could significantly impact the meme token market.

Launching on the Solana blockchain, Trump Coin joins other popular Solana-based meme coins such as “Dogwifhat,” “Jeo Boden,” and “Mother Iggy.” According to SolScan, the token began trading on Solana this evening, with a market cap already at $73 million. However, FOX Business could not confirm any direct or indirect affiliation with Trump. Industry sources suggest that associates of the former president have been planning this digital coin for a couple of months. Requests for comment from the Trump campaign and Truth Social went unanswered.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a former GOP presidential candidate and adviser to Trump, expressed his support for the venture. “I’m glad President Trump and his campaign are leaning into crypto, including accepting it – he’s ahead of the curve. Embracing crypto will help Trump continue to bring libertarians and not-typical Republicans into the fold – it’s a winning issue,” Ramaswamy told FOX Business.

Trump Coin is not the first political meme coin inspired by a candidate this election cycle. Other Trump-themed tokens like “MAGA” and “TROG” are already trading in the crypto market. MAGA, reflecting Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, is the most popular political meme coin, trading at just over $9 with a market cap of over $400 million. However, the price of MAGA dropped following the news of Trump Coin’s launch. TROG, featuring a cartoon frog in a MAGA hat, has a much smaller market cap of $7.38 million and also saw a decline.

Neither MAGA nor TROG is directly affiliated with Trump or his 2024 campaign. Yet, according to blockchain research firm Arkham Intelligence, Trump owns a significant amount of both tokens, gifted to him by their creators. Despite not being a “crypto bro,” Trump has recognized the potential of the industry as a voter base as the elections approach. An estimated 52 million Americans have used crypto, according to a Coinbase study, and this demographic is becoming increasingly politically active.

Crypto enthusiasts are emerging as single-issue voters, prioritizing candidates who support digital assets. Trump’s strategy to attract these voters could be pivotal in the coming election. Among his advisers is Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast who has been guiding Trump on digital asset policy. Another notable figure in the crypto-political landscape is John Deaton, a crypto lawyer running as a Republican to unseat Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, a known crypto critic.

Trump’s foray into the crypto space is not just about courting voters but also involves substantial financial interests. According to Arkham Intelligence, Trump’s crypto portfolio is worth around $6 million, accumulated from various sources including his own NFT collection and holdings in MAGA and TROG tokens. While Trump himself might not be deeply embedded in the crypto culture, his campaign’s embrace of digital assets indicates a strategic move to tap into a rapidly growing and politically active community.

The emergence of Trump Coin, whether officially linked to Trump or not, underscores the increasing intersection of politics and cryptocurrency. As digital assets gain mainstream attention, their influence on political campaigns and voter engagement becomes more pronounced. The crypto industry’s preference for candidates who support digital innovation and decentralized finance could significantly shape the political landscape.

Trump’s campaign seems to recognize the importance of this demographic. The potential launch of Trump Coin on the Solana blockchain and the involvement of high-profile advisers like Ramaswamy suggest a calculated effort to align with crypto voters. By embracing digital assets, Trump positions himself as a forward-thinking candidate capable of attracting a diverse voter base.

The reaction to Trump Coin and its impact on the broader crypto market will be closely watched in the coming weeks. As the token starts trading and more details emerge, the speculation around its origins and affiliations will likely intensify. Whether Trump Coin becomes a significant player in the meme token market or a fleeting trend, it has already sparked considerable interest and debate within the crypto community.

For Trump, the move into cryptocurrency represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Successfully navigating this space could enhance his appeal among tech-savvy, libertarian-leaning voters. However, the volatile nature of crypto markets and the scrutiny that comes with it could also pose risks. As the election approaches, Trump’s handling of this new venture will be a key factor in his campaign strategy.

The buzz around Trump Coin highlights the evolving relationship between politics and cryptocurrency. As more candidates and political figures explore digital assets, the influence of crypto on elections is set to grow. For Trump, embracing this trend could provide a unique advantage, mobilizing a passionate and engaged voter base that could play a crucial role in the upcoming presidential race.


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