FU Money for Gamers: OpenSeason’s Big Token Airdrop

The creators of OpenSeason, a crypto-themed battle royale shooter game that uses Ethereum NFT access passes, have some exciting news for their community. On Monday, Fractional Uprising Studios announced the details of their upcoming token airdrop, set to happen this week. Players holding the Fractional Uprising Studios NFT membership passes, essential for playing OpenSeason, will automatically receive a share of the 62.1 million “FU Money” tokens earmarked for the initial airdrop. This token drop represents 10% of the total FU Money supply.

The distribution of FU Money tokens will be based on three wallet snapshots already taken by the studio. The longer a user has held their membership pass, the more tokens they will receive. The tokens will be distributed through Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling network, to ensure smooth and efficient transactions.

OpenSeason, available via the Epic Games Store, is drawing comparisons to Fortnite, offering a unique blend of crypto and gaming. Fractional Uprising Studios laid out a comprehensive long-term roadmap for the FU token on Monday. Following this week’s airdrop, the remaining 90% of the token supply will be distributed as follows: 30% will be set aside for community rewards over the next decade, 20% will be allocated to the studio team with a six-month vesting schedule, 5% will go into a liquidity pool on Uniswap, and the remaining 35% will be reserved for funding future projects by Fractional Uprising.

This future project fund, referred to as “FUture Productions” by the studio, will be controlled by FU token holders and distributed via grants or other incentive models for developers and creators. These funds will be locked for a full year to allow the community to decide the best way to use them without immediate pressure. A representative from Fractional Uprising explained to Decrypt’s GG that the exact structure of how the FU community will manage and fund future projects is still evolving and will become clearer over time. The one-year lock period gives everyone involved the necessary breathing room to figure out the best approach.

Once this initial airdrop is completed, NFT membership holders will have multiple ways to continue earning FU Money. As OpenSeason prepares to expand its player base beyond NFT pass holders, those with the passes will be able to refer friends to the game using invite links. They will earn FU tokens for each referral and receive a commission on all the tokens their referred friends earn in the game.

Krypticrooks, the game’s pseudonymous co-founder, revealed that the game will open up to users with invite links in the coming months. This referral model aims to turn NFT membership pass holders into active promoters of the game as it grows.

“The game passes will act almost as an affiliate marketing tool to bring in anybody regardless of any knowledge of Web3,” Krypticrooks said. “No wallets, no nothing.”

Fractional Uprising Studios’ strategy reflects a broader trend in the gaming and crypto industries, where user engagement and community building are paramount. By incentivizing current players to bring new users into the fold, the studio hopes to create a robust and active player base. The blend of gaming and cryptocurrency is designed to appeal to both traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts, creating a unique hybrid community.

The FU Money token’s distribution plan emphasizes long-term community engagement and development. By allocating a substantial portion of the token supply to community rewards and future projects, Fractional Uprising Studios is betting on the sustained interest and involvement of its player base. This approach not only fosters loyalty but also ensures that the game and its ecosystem continue to evolve in response to player feedback and innovation.

The use of airdrops in the crypto space is not new, but tying it to a gaming ecosystem like OpenSeason adds a novel twist. It provides an immediate incentive for players to engage with the game and its community while also laying the groundwork for future growth and development. The decision to lock a significant portion of the tokens for future projects indicates a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that there are resources available to fund new initiatives as the game and its community grow.

Fractional Uprising Studios’ plan to use FU Money for future projects, determined by token holders, is a bold move towards decentralized governance. This model allows the community to have a say in the game’s development, potentially leading to a more player-centric experience. It also opens up opportunities for innovation, as developers and creators can propose and receive funding for projects that enhance the game and its ecosystem.

The initial response to the announcement has been positive, with players and crypto enthusiasts alike expressing excitement about the upcoming airdrop and the potential of FU Money. As the tokens are distributed and the game opens up to a wider audience, it will be interesting to see how the community evolves and what new projects emerge from the FUture Productions fund.

OpenSeason’s integration of crypto elements with traditional gaming mechanics represents a growing trend in the industry. As more games explore similar models, the line between gaming and cryptocurrency continues to blur, offering new opportunities for engagement and revenue. For players, this means more ways to earn and interact with their favorite games, while for developers, it opens up new avenues for funding and community building.

As the week progresses, OpenSeason players will eagerly watch their wallets for the arrival of FU Money tokens. This airdrop marks the beginning of a new chapter for the game and its community, promising exciting developments and opportunities in the months and years ahead. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer to the space, OpenSeason’s blend of gaming and blockchain technology offers a glimpse into the future of digital entertainment.


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