Violetta Inscribes 10-Year Musical Odyssey on Bitcoin’s Ordinals

The vibrant, digital frontier of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is teeming with innovation. Now, Violetta Zironi, an Italian singer-songwriter, is making waves with a compelling new development in this space: the inscription of her song “10 YEARS,” a personal and artistic manifesto, onto an early Uncommon satoshi mined on the Bitcoin Ordinals. The moment the piece sells, it will be made accessible to the public via a CC0 license. This musical adventure deftly blurs the boundaries of art, blockchain, and time itself, embodying Violetta’s decade-long journey in the music industry.

Violetta’s unique Bitcoin NFT saga began on May 26th, 2013, when as an 18-year-old, she accompanied her father, Giuseppe, to an X Factor Italy audition in Milan. Unbeknownst to her, at the same time, an Uncommon satoshi was being mined on the blockchain. Fast forward ten years to June 1st, 2023, Violetta sat in her Nashville, Tennessee apartment, reflecting on a decade of professional highs and lows, victories and defeats.

The result of this introspection was “10 YEARS,” a song that encapsulates Violetta’s entire artistic existence. She paired the song with a digital artwork created by her father, a Disney artist, to commemorate their 10-year journey. This entire creation was then inscribed on the Uncommon satoshi mined on the day of her pivotal X Factor audition.

Violetta’s inscription process was far from straightforward. Initially, experts doubted the feasibility of compressing a song and image down to 350kb to fit the constraints of the Bitcoin blockchain. Undeterred, Violetta continued her pursuit, and with the help of skilled collaborators, she achieved the impossible.

With her “10 YEARS” NFT, Violetta and her father are effectively gifting their creation to the world. The piece will carry a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, meaning anyone will be able to use it however they wish, free of charge. This aligns with Violetta’s belief that while a song can be owned, an artist cannot; artists belong to everyone.

This unique project has been made possible by the invaluable support from the Rare Satoshi Society and Danter, who provided the Uncommon Sat mined on May 26th, 2013. Violetta also thanked her friend Jigsaw for successfully compressing the piece to fit the technical parameters of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The sale of the “10 YEARS” NFT on Ordinals will not only redefine the boundaries of art, music, and blockchain but also mark a pivotal moment in Violetta’s journey as an artist. She offers a special utility to the buyer as well, promising to pass the piece on through generations, way beyond our lifetimes.

With her bold, innovative endeavor, Violetta has redefined what is possible with art, technology, and human perseverance. As she etches her musical journey on a digital canvas and relinquishes it to the world, Violetta solidifies her legacy within the crypto-verse and the larger artistic community.

You can reach out to Viletta to buy this track.
You can listen to the track here:
You can watch the video here:


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