Why Electroneum’s M1 crypto smartphones flying off the shelves in Cambodia

For the first time since in cryptocurrency history, including Bitcoin’s, a blockchain start-up is working directly with a mobile network operator. As a result of their agreement, the M1 Electroneum crypto smartphones that Cellcard of Cambodia ordered initially flew off the shelves in just under two hours.

Cellcard ordered 250 M1 smartphones from us based on the number of our mobile devices they estimated would be sold in one month but when it flew off the shelves within two hours they had to place fresh orders for the crypto phone

Cambodia’s fastest-growing and most progressive mobile network operator Cellcard and the most disruptive crypto in the space, UK-based Electroneum, on 31 January announced their agreement to enable airtime and data top-ups with ETN.

Cellcard launched a promotional sale of the M1 Electroneum smartphone with the built-in ETN App that gives up to US$3 a month in ETN that can be used for mobile top-ups and to purchase everyday items in several countries around the world.

As the mobile phone sector continues to grow globally significantly, Electroneum has positioned itself as the only crypto project that has enabled its users to quickly and easily top-up their phones and earn the ETN to purchase the airtime and data. That is through AnyTask, the fairest freelance platform in the industry, as it does not charge sellers of tasks any fees.


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