BRC-20 Turmoil: Unisat and L1F Clash Over Bitcoin’s Silent Financial Powerhouse

Amidst the hustle of Bitcoin’s financial corridors, a silent war is brewing over the fate of BRC-20, the protocol that has quietly amassed considerable financial prowess. Unisat and the Layer 1 Foundation (L1F) find themselves at odds, each vying for control in this uncharted territory.

In monetary terms, BRC-20 has proven its mettle, handling substantial amounts, potentially reaching billions in the past year. However, beneath this monetary triumph lies a battle of ideologies and intricate technical challenges that could shake the very foundation of the protocol.

Functioning as a meta-protocol built on the Ordinals meta-protocol, which, in turn, leans on the robustness of Bitcoin, BRC-20’s straightforward off-chain indexers for state determination are complicated by the ever-evolving Ordinals protocol. This introduces a layer of complexity and risk, posing challenges to the very functionality of BRC-20.

The Ordinals protocol, acting as the linchpin of BRC-20, has been in a constant state of flux. Versions like 0.8.0 and 0.9.0 brought changes leading to reporting discrepancies among BRC-20 indexers. Responding to this instability, the L1F adopted a cautious stance, freezing the Ord protocol at version 0.9.0 in pursuit of stability.

Unisat, a dynamic startup in the BRC-20 ecosystem, introduced the black/white module system, injecting an innovative layer for new functionalities. Now, they advocate for an upgrade to the Ord version post-jubilee, seeking a more robust and stable protocol.

The core of the ongoing discord lies in the debate over how to upgrade BRC-20. Unisat propels the narrative for a swift upgrade, fueled by the urgency inherent in startup culture, while the L1F urges caution, fearing potential bugs and complications. Some observers perceive this struggle as a power play for control, while others argue for a more market-driven approach to decision-making.

In the midst of these deliberations, Bob, a discerning voice in the conversation, emphasizes the need for a measured approach. As BRC-20 has outgrown its startup phase, Bob advocates for decentralization, thoughtful deliberation, and a slow-moving consensus to ensure the stability crucial for sustaining BRC-20’s success.

In this intricate and technical battleground, the future of BRC-20 hangs in the balance, with key players vying for control and stability in the unexplored and ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency protocols.


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