Coinstore Brand Launch Conference 2023 Set to Shape Cryptocurrency Landscape

SINGAPORE, September 12th, 2023 – The cryptocurrency community is gearing up for a significant event as Coinstore, a rising star in the digital asset exchange realm, announces its much-anticipated Brand Launch Conference 2023. This event, scheduled for September 12th at 1PM, will be held at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. Coinstore’s conference has gained tremendous attention as it brings together industry leaders, blockchain luminaries, and notable companies to mark the official debut of the emerging digital asset exchange.

Co-hosted by heavyweight blockchain entities including Cadano, Dfinity, W3GG, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Emurgo Ventures, the event has also garnered support from renowned industry players such as Animoca Brands, Unix Gaming, Nordek, and more.

The backdrop of the world’s largest blockchain event, Token2049, serves as a fitting context for the Coinstore Brand Launch Conference 2023. As the curtains rise on this event, Coinstore is poised to unveil its fresh brand positioning, introduce key regional markets, showcase its products and services, and outline its strategic plans for the future.

A Gathering of Cryptocurrency Titans

With more than 300 influential figures from the industry, along with over 100 top-tier venture capitalist representatives, and the participation of more than 50 prominent companies and institutions, the conference is projected to draw a crowd of over 400 enthusiasts and stakeholders. Support from reputable media partners like Coinlive further emphasizes the significance of this event.

Coinstore’s Token 2049 Booth and Gamefi Night

Attendees are invited to explore Coinstore’s presence at the Token 2049 event. The Coinstore booth, located on the 4th floor (P124) and 5th floor (P19) of the main exhibition areas, promises exciting insights into the platform’s offerings. Additionally, on September 13th at 7PM, Coinstore is set to host the “Coinstore Gamefi Night” at The Spot Singapore. This occasion presents a unique opportunity for participants to engage with the team behind Coinstore in a dynamic setting.

Coinstore: A Rising Star in the Cryptocurrency Space

Founded in December 2020, Coinstore has swiftly risen to prominence as a world-leading digital asset trading platform. Its distinctive focus on emerging high-growth markets, coupled with a team boasting expertise from top-tier investment banks, hedge funds, and leading digital asset trading platforms, has contributed to its rapid growth. As of May 2023, Coinstore has amassed over 3.6 million registered users, with a remarkable peak daily transaction volume of $453,186,502.

Coinstore’s influence is particularly pronounced in key regions like Indonesia, India, and Nigeria, and the platform serves users across 175 countries and regions. The company’s aspiration is to solidify its position as the primary entry point for digital assets on a global scale, catering to millions of users and emerging as the premier global platform for emerging markets by 2025.

Coinstore’s Strategic Approach

Coinstore’s strategic approach is encapsulated in its brand positioning and value proposition: “The Premier Global Platform for Exclusive Premier Listings.” With a focus on providing a wider range of high-quality tradable assets and enhancing user experiences, Coinstore is dedicated to delivering premium services and innovation to its users.

Commitment to Emerging Markets and Regional Presence

Coinstore’s commitment to emerging markets is reflected in its establishment of global sites and business centers in strategic locations. With over 200 international staff and 13 centers worldwide, Coinstore is uniquely positioned to offer localized professional connections and services to its global user base. The company’s offline conference brands, ‘CS Connect’ and ‘Cryptalk,’ have brought together local project teams, media, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and investors to explore cryptocurrency trends in various emerging markets.

Coinstore’s initiatives, partnerships, and commitment to localized expertise underscore its ambition to drive the cryptocurrency landscape’s growth and evolution.

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