Sui Mainnet Set to Launch Tomorrow, Boasting Impressive Speeds and Efficiency

Maria Irene

Tomorrow, May 3rd, marks the highly anticipated launch of the Sui Mainnet, a cutting-edge network that has demonstrated remarkable capabilities during testing. With 100 globally distributed validators, the Sui network achieved a peak throughput ranging from 10,871 to 297,000 transactions per second (TPS) on various workloads, making it one of the fastest blockchain networks on the market.

The Sui Mainnet boasts a time to finality of approximately 480 milliseconds, meaning that transactions and their effects become final and ready for use in subsequent transactions within this time frame. The validator hardware configuration utilized during testing included a 24-core AMD processor, 256GB of memory, and a 25Gbps network interface card (NIC).

Sui’s throughput is measured in individual transactions within a Programmable Transaction Block (PTB) executed per second. Each PTB supports up to 1024 transactions, allowing for unbounded expressivity and efficiency in the network. In terms of latency, the 50th percentile is around 480 milliseconds, while the 95th percentile is approximately 550 milliseconds.

The Sui network developers have also outlined their plans for future optimizations. These include improvements to the scalability and coverage of benchmark tooling, horizontal scalability, and resilience to under-performance of individual validators.

With the Sui Mainnet set to launch tomorrow, the blockchain community eagerly awaits the impact of this high-performance network on the industry as a whole.


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