Two Bitmaps Fetch a Hefty Bitcoin: Proving Digital Real Estate is No Child’s Play

It’s a new age, a digital renaissance if you will, where pixels no longer merely paint our screens but have started sculpting their own space in our wallets. In the throbbing heart of this transformation, Bitmaps are making their mark. They’re shaking up the metaverse space and settling comfortably into the blockchain biosphere. The recent grand sale of 22.bitmap and 32.bitmap at 0.75 $BTC ($23,087) and 0.55 $BTC ($16,931) respectively, is testament to Bitmap’s blooming potential, asserting it’s more than a blip on the radar.

💰 22.bitmap takes off: From pocket change to Bitcoin bonanza!

Minted on June 6th for a meager 4844 sats ($1.31), 22.bitmap rocketed to a staggering 0.75 #BTC. It’s clear that the top 100 #bitmaps are brimming with golden opportunities, awaiting the savvy investor.

The magic of Bitmaps rests in the innovative minds that will sculpt its trajectory. Their groundbreaking and imaginative strides will unlock Bitmap’s full potential. We’re buckled up for an exhilarating ride as we await the transformative leaps that are on the horizon for Bitmaps.

Intrigued about the mint transaction? Sneak a peek here:
At the core of this innovative wave, as per Blockamoto’s tweet, is the enticing prospect of owning blocks on Bitcoin – essentially the digital equivalent of beachfront property. By harnessing the power of Ordinals theory, Bitmap adds depth to Bitcoin blocks, transforming them into 3D realms. This novel method allows owners to etch transactions as parcels on their blocks, breaking it down, and expanding the distribution to a wider audience.

This ingenious tactic nudges block owners to metamorphose into proactive contributors to the Metaverse. The prospect of owning a Satoshi block, mined by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto himself during the dawn of Bitcoin, is a chance to grab a slice of Bitcoin history.

Bitmap’s futuristic plans revolve around using the revenue from block sales to pioneer the next suite of tools, built on the Bitmap blueprint. The ambitions stretch as far as birthing a Bitcoin Metaverse, pegged to be the first playable Bitmap platform, by forking the open-source Metaverse Voxels (previously known as Cryptovoxels).

Ordinals, the pillars of Bitmap, are digital assets etched onto a satoshi, the tiniest Bitcoin denomination. Post the Taproot upgrade on the Bitcoin network in November 2021, such inscriptions have become reality, and are gaining momentum as a novel form of NFTs. Firms like Gamma, a Bitcoin NFT marketplace on Stacks, have hopped on this bandwagon, offering inscription services for text and images.

However, the road to innovation is not always smooth, and Bitmap had a minor stumble. “Supertestnet,” a developer, initiated a transaction sans input or output, which was still considered valid, causing the Ordinal’s inscription numbering system to crash. This glitch raised eyebrows about the protocol’s reliability.

But a hiccup doesn’t mean a downfall. Despite the bump, Bitmap’s buzz hasn’t diminished. Post its announcement on June 13, Bitmap Theory has ignited an inscription gold rush, with several securing historic blocks, from the first mined by Binance to one featuring Silk Road transactions.

iDclub, a domain service platform for Ordinals, reports that .bitmap catapulted from zero to second place on their chart within six days, even surpassing .btc domains with a record-breaking 190,000 inscriptions in a week.

The buzz around Bitmapcontinues to amplify, as does the price tag on blocks, with some trading for as high as 0.1 BTC. While navigating the Bitmap territory may seem like maneuvering a maze, valuable resources like Mark Shaw’s exhaustive Twitter thread offer a beacon for potential investors.

As we traverse the digital terrain, Bitmap is poised to redefine the future of the Bitcoin Metaverse. Unfolding a myriad of possibilities with this groundbreaking technology, Bitmap’s future seems as radiant as the pixels on our monitors. So, gear up and get ready for Bitmap, the up-and-coming superstar in the glittering galaxy of the digital goldmine.


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