Cold Staking, Hot Updates! MyPIVX Wallet Heats Up the DeFi Winter

PIVX has taken another leap forward with its latest updates for MyPIVX Wallet (MPW). From bug fixes to new features, the slew of improvements signifies PIVX’s unwavering commitment to user-centric design and technological innovation. This is keeping pace in the ever-evolving world of DeFi and it’s setting the pace.

Let’s first get into the new feature of Cold Staking. This allows advanced mode users to customise their owner addresses. At its core, Cold Staking is a security feature that allows users to stake their coins from a cold wallet, a paradigm shift from typical staking methods. This not only contributes to the overall security of the PIVX ecosystem but adds another layer of adaptability for users who want more control over their assets.

On the improvement front, Ledger stability has received significant attention, fixing prior inconsistencies that made dealing with hardware wallets a somewhat nerve-wracking experience. By bolstering Ledger support, PIVX is clearly aiming to accommodate users who prioritise ultra-secure ways to store their tokens.

The wallet has also undergone a major ‘under-the-hood’ refactor. While this might not result in immediate, visible changes, it paves the way for smoother performance and future updates. A Testnet Explorer has been added, courtesy of, and Sparrow Pool now supports a Testnet Cold Pool, allowing users to test these features in a sandboxed environment before diving into the mainnet.

The graphical user interface (GUI) has seen significant developments, too. The Balance and Activity section is now ported to Vue, a progressive framework for building user interfaces. This translates into a more intuitive and responsive user experience, a crucial factor in retaining user engagement in the long run.

If you’re a polyglot, you’re in luck. Internationalisation (i18n) now only loads languages at runtime, reducing the initial load time and improving overall wallet performance.

The update doesn’t skimp on bug fixes. Issues such as Ledger alert ‘spam,’ visually squished Identicons, and conflicting cold addresses between chains have been resolved. More importantly, they’ve fixed proposals passing when the consensus disallows it—thus bolstering the decentralized governance structure that is at the heart of PIVX.

This round of updates is not an isolated event but rather an ongoing saga that keeps the community engaged and invested. The ethos is not just survival but growth and transformation. Each update takes us closer to a more secure, user-friendly, and community-driven platform that doesn’t just meet but exceeds expectations.

JS Kitty, a representative from the PIVX team, assures users that although the domain is being transferred to a new registrar, there is no cause for alarm. “There might be a bit of service instability or downtime, don’t fret—all is well and safe,” Kitty stated.

The curtain may have closed on this round of updates, but stay tuned. The PIVX journey of innovation and enhancement is far from over. This is a tale of relentless pursuit for excellence in a landscape where complacency is the first step towards obsolescence. With PIVX, there’s always something on the horizon; whether it’s a sneak peek or a full unveil, it’s bound to keep its user base at the edge of their seats.

So here we are, in a digital environment that demands nothing short of revolutionary innovations. PIVX has proven, yet again, that it is not just a participant but a front-runner in this gruelling marathon called DeFi. As we await the next chapter in PIVX’s intriguing narrative, one thing is certain: this is a saga worth tuning into.


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