From Russia via Furry Love: The Crypto World at its Best

As crypto continues to edge its way into every aspect of life, we explore the stories making recent headlines in the meta world.

From the light and (digitally) furry through to gangster raps and fighting against oppression—there’s never any shortage of quirky crypto delight!

Russian ‘enemy of the state’ needs crypto . . .

When the Russian Government dubs you a ‘foreign agent’, you know you’re in trouble. That’s what happened to Meduza, one of Russia’s top independent news organisations, causing many of its regular advertisers to pull out.

Undaunted, the enterprising organisation called for crypto donations from supporters in Bitcoin, Ether and BNB to make up for lost advertising revenue.

Other enemies of the state—including threatened dissident Alexey Navalny—also accept crypto donations, recognising people’s fear of sending money from their personal bank accounts. Power to the blockchain!

The incredible vanishing crypto wage

Some gifts keep on giving. Other gifts . . . just get taken back. That’s the experience of a US-based business development specialist, whose employer reportedly paid in cryptocurrency—then demanded it back.

Fair do’s, it was hard to swallow. The token price increased by 700% after the contract payment. However, it’s asking for a lawsuit if you demand back money already paid—for work completed—saying the worker did not “generate any revenue for the company” and is not currently “doing any follow up work”.

Sounds like sour grapes. ‘Crypto Confused’—as well they might be—did hint the employer had a track record of payment mind-changes like this one. While this tale shows the perils of crypto workforce payments, giants like Twitter are seriously considering them. It’s only a matter of time.


Don’t call me Scarface—I’m coin-based!

It had to happen. Rapping and crypto investment have crashed headlong, with an in-your-face rap song dedicated to Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US.

American rapper and cryptocurrency investor, Nasir Jones (stage-name Nas), has teamed up with DJ Khaled, Jay-Z and James Fauntleroy to create Sorry Not Sorry—all apparently ‘living the dream’ of crypto milk and honey.

It’s a cheeky number, with cigar-smoking Nas rapping “I’m coin-based, basically cryptocurrency Scarface” in his casino finery. “Join us, there’s gotta be more of us, up from the ghetto.”

Nas is estimated to have gained more than $40 million from his early Coinbase investment. Jay-Z set up a Bitcoin development fund with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in February. But DJ Khaled backed the wrong horse with the fraudulent Centra Tech coin offering back in 2019.

As Nas says—in sickness and in health.

My digital pet is smarter than yours

Now this is cool. My DeFi Pet not only allows you to breed and grow more than two million digital pet varieties, but you can also make them stronger and smarter through your own lifestyle choices.

This mobile game built on blockchain technology offers DeFi features for NFT collectibles. Players can collect pets in ‘peta world’ by purchasing eggs, using in-game currency and taking part in seasonal events. They can also swap, trade, lend and borrow collateral.

Most intriguingly, users can train their pets to be stronger (if you work out longer at the gym) and more intelligent (when you listen to music). My DeFi Pet launches officially on May 14.

Get smart!


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