Harvest Flow: Security-First NFT Lending at Sushi Tech Tokyo 2024

Apas Port, a dynamic Web3 production company based in Japan, recently announced its collaboration with Shieldify Security at Sushi Tech Tokyo 2024. This partnership underscores Apas Port’s commitment to ensuring robust security for its latest project, HARVEST FLOW, and enhancing the overall integrity of the Web3 ecosystem. This is particularly significant in Asia and Japan, where the focus on Web3 security is still gaining momentum.

As Apas Port gears up to launch HARVEST FLOW, a novel NFT-Fi RWA lending service aimed at promoting financial inclusion in developing countries, it recognizes the critical importance of implementing stringent security measures. HARVEST FLOW’s mission is to improve the quality of life by providing individuals in Cambodia with access to tuk-tuks, enabling them to secure stable employment and thereby foster financial stability.

The evolving Web3 landscape brings numerous advantages, but also places significant responsibility on companies and communities to ensure project safety. Apas Port acknowledges this responsibility and has sought out a trusted partner in Shieldify Security to bolster its security infrastructure through comprehensive auditing services. Shieldify Security is renowned for its unique subscription-based model, offering customers unlimited audits and exceptional service quality through a disruptive six-layered security approach. Their expertise spans various programming languages, including Solidity, Vyper, Rust, Cairo, and Go, making them well-equipped to tackle the diverse security challenges inherent in Web3 projects.

The collaboration between Apas Port and Shieldify Security instills a renewed sense of confidence and assurance in the development of HARVEST FLOW. With Shieldify’s thorough security audits and continuous support, Apas Port can concentrate on delivering an innovative and engaging Web3 experience while ensuring the safety of its users and assets.

This partnership not only strengthens HARVEST FLOW but also contributes to the overall security and reliability of the Web3 ecosystem. By working with Shieldify to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, Apas Port is setting a standard for other projects in the space and promoting a culture that prioritizes security.

Daisuke Sasaki, Founder of Apas Port, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “I’m excited about our partnership with Shieldify Security. Their expertise in Web3 security perfectly complements our mission at Apas Port to create meaningful, emotion-driven experiences (kando). This collaboration gives us the confidence that HARVEST FLOW is built on a secure foundation.”

0xGhost, Co-Founder of Shieldify Security, echoed this sentiment: “The partnership with Apas Port is the result of Shieldify’s continuous efforts to establish our brand in the Asian Web3 community through collaboration with stellar and exceptional companies. We are humbled that Apas Port has chosen to trust us with the security of HARVEST FLOW!”

With the security aspect of its projects fortified, Apas Port is eager to share exciting updates on its ongoing initiatives. The company has been diligently working behind the scenes, and the community can look forward to new developments in the coming months.

Shieldify Security has positioned itself as the first hybrid Web3 Security company, shaking up the industry with its unique subscription-based auditing model. This model entitles customers to unlimited audits within its duration, ensuring top-notch service quality through a comprehensive six-layered security approach. Shieldify collaborates with well-established researchers in the space and has secured multiple millions in TVL (total value locked) across various protocols. Their capability to audit codebases in multiple languages, such as Solidity, Vyper, Rust, Cairo, Move, and Go, sets them apart as a versatile and reliable partner in the Web3 security domain.

Founded in April 2023, Apas Port is a Web3 production company united by a shared vision to promote creativity and profound emotional experiences (kando) within the Web3 world. Through initiatives like HARVEST FLOW, Apas Port aims to leverage Web3 technologies for social good and financial empowerment, demonstrating the transformative potential of blockchain beyond conventional financial applications.

HARVEST FLOW is poised to make a significant impact by offering an NFT-Fi RWA lending service tailored to the needs of individuals in developing countries. The project’s primary goal is to provide access to essential assets, such as tuk-tuks, enabling recipients to secure stable employment and improve their living standards. By incorporating Web3 technologies into this initiative, HARVEST FLOW not only facilitates financial inclusion but also sets a precedent for future projects aiming to harness blockchain for social impact.

The strategic partnership between Apas Port and Shieldify Security exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to project development in the Web3 space. By prioritizing security from the outset, Apas Port ensures that HARVEST FLOW is built on a solid foundation, capable of withstanding the complex and evolving threats associated with decentralized technologies. This proactive stance on security is likely to inspire other Web3 projects to adopt similar measures, contributing to a more secure and trustworthy ecosystem.

As Apas Port continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the collaboration with Shieldify Security will remain a cornerstone of its strategy. The partnership not only enhances the security of HARVEST FLOW but also reinforces Apas Port’s reputation as a company dedicated to excellence and integrity in the Web3 space. By integrating cutting-edge security practices with its visionary approach to blockchain technology, Apas Port is well-positioned to lead the way in creating meaningful, impact-driven projects that resonate with users and stakeholders alike.

The upcoming updates from Apas Port promise to unveil new dimensions of their work, showcasing the continuous evolution and commitment to excellence that defines the company. As the Web3 landscape continues to mature, the emphasis on security and innovative applications will be crucial in driving the next wave of adoption and development. Through strategic collaborations and a relentless focus on quality, Apas Port is charting a course for a brighter, more inclusive future in the world of Web3.


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