Introducing Streaming Swaps: Revolutionizing Price Execution in the THORChain Ecosystem

Maria Irene

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance, the need for seamless and efficient trading mechanisms is a top priority. THORChain, a decentralized liquidity protocol, aims to provide the best price execution by introducing an innovative feature called “Streaming Swaps.” This feature will offer users a more efficient and cost-effective trading experience, outperforming any DEX (Decentralized Exchange) or CEX (Centralized Exchange) in terms of price execution.

Streaming Swaps: Breaking Down Large Trades for Optimal Execution

Streaming Swaps work by breaking down large trades into multiple smaller transactions. These smaller transactions are then executed over a set period, ultimately bundling the outbound transactions into one, which results in a more favorable rate for the trader. By executing the swaps in smaller increments, Streaming Swaps minimizes the impact on market prices, thus reducing slippage and providing better rates for users.

A Trade-Off Between Time and Price Execution

It is essential to understand that Streaming Swaps may take longer to execute compared to conventional swaps. Since the transactions are processed in smaller portions, the total execution time may extend over several hours. However, this extended duration also allows for more favorable pricing as market conditions adjust.

The introduction of Streaming Swaps enables users to prioritize what matters most to them: time to finality or price execution. Those who prioritize the speed of the transaction may opt for traditional swaps, while those who prioritize better pricing can choose Streaming Swaps.

Empowering Users with Choice

As the decentralized finance landscape continues to expand, user experience and satisfaction remain critical. The introduction of Streaming Swaps on THORChain aims to cater to users’ diverse preferences, offering them the flexibility to choose between time to finality and price execution. By providing this choice, THORChain ensures a more user-centric and efficient trading experience within its ecosystem.

In conclusion, Streaming Swaps represent a significant step forward in the evolution of decentralized trading. By breaking large trades into smaller transactions and offering users a choice between speed and price execution, THORChain is setting the bar high for DEX and CEX platforms in the quest for optimal trading experiences.


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