NFTs for Breakfast, Anyone?

There’s always something interesting happening in crypto world! Our round-up of the latest news includes an Aussie start-up using NFTs to help endangered animals, the opening of an NFT gallery and Norton bringing a little extra security to the crypto mining craze.

Aussie start-up goes animal crackers

Who says crypto world isn’t eco-friendly? A new range of gourmet cereals includes NFT cards to raise awareness and funds for the world’s vanishing wildlife.

Aussie start-up Alt Saints is already known for its quality granola and mueslis, offered online in funky, stylised packaging. Oh, and 1% of company revenue is donated to environmental groups across the globe.

Now the go-ahead company is launching a selection of collectible and tradable digital animal toys—forget the throwaway plastic ones that just end up in landfill. Each Minecraft-esque NFT shows an endangered animal; and each limited-edition artwork has scarcity built in.

The creators anticipate hot demand. So, a few security measures are included to stop collectors knocking off packets to grab the cards (remember the McDonalds Monopoly ‘McMillions’ scandal?)

They reckon Australia’s cereal market is worth $1.457 billion, so there’s plenty of scope to expand and improve.

If all goes well, in fact, the NFTs will soon become iNFTs—interactive or intelligent NFTs—featuring knowledge, animation and voice. Now that’s evolution.

First Aussie NFT gallery fuels digital arts fever

Australia’s first NFT gallery is staging its inaugural exhibition this month, showcasing digital artists from around the world.

The Museum of Art and Philosophy (MAP) in Hobart aims to help digital artists compete with those working in traditional media. The exhibition runs from June 16-22, including artists who have been showcased in print magazines New Philosopher and Womankind.

Meanwhile, Melbourne-based 3D graphic design artist Paul Milinski recently released a digital arts collection on NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway—a perfect medium for someone who specialises in creating objects that don’t exist in the physical world.

Australian artists Daniel Stricker and Vincent Heimann also want to prove that NFTs can be eco-friendly. Their Shifting Homes artwork is powered by PoS blockchain and totally carbon offset by ‘Offsetra’.

Mine cryptocurrency virus-free? Yes please!

Would you like to mine cryptocurrency via your antivirus software? And download crypto mining programs while protected by full anti-virus backup?

Now you can. NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec) is adding an Ethereum mining function to its standard, paid-for Norton 360 product.

The upcoming Norton Crypto allows you to mine Ethereum securely, using trusted brand software. Just transfer your earnings into the cloud-based Norton Crypto Wallet, then track and trade.

A few questions remain, however. Will it be free, or will Norton take a cut? Can you transfer mined Ethereum between wallets? And what happens if and when the Ethereum community phases out GPU-intensive mining?

An early adopter program is now underway with Norton 360 customers, so all will -eventually—be revealed!


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