Notes from the Bear’s Den: SATS Tokens Mint out 50%

Maria Irene

In a time when the crypto-skeptic is holding court, spouting tales of doom and gloom in the bear market, SATS is proving to be a resolute player. Ordinals and BRC20 are not dead. Take the case of SATS. With a staggering 50 per cent of its total supply minted, SATS is charting an exhilarating course not just to the moon but across the crypto cosmos, embracing both the Ordinals and the legacy of Bitcoin.

It’s a triumph in the face of adversity, a digital David standing tall against the Goliath of FUD. The bear market may be roaring, but SATS is not cowering.

The largest holder of SATS has got his virtual hands on 1.11% of the tokens, an astronomical sum of 23,223,800,000,000. The power and the weight of these digital assets are both bewildering and awe-inspiring. Yet, the real magic of SATS isn’t in its monolithic holders but in the intricate balance and dance that forms the top tier.

The top three addresses contain a combined 2.75% of the tokens, a significant concentration that makes you ponder upon the dynamics of the crypto cosmos. But wait, don’t jump to conclusions. The next 17 addresses give us a show of a close and competitive distribution, their holdings swaying between 0.98% to 0.38%. This intricate tapestry of values, ranging from 23,223,800,000,000 to 7,900,699,999,500, might represent various investment strategies or stages of investment. The numerical ballet reveals a gradual decline in percentage holdings from the top to the 20th rank, pointing towards a less hierarchical distribution among the crypto-lords.

What does this mean for SATS? Well, the less centralized distribution fosters inclusivity, allowing more people to be part of this galactic voyage. It’s a dance floor open to all, and the diverse distribution could be a sign for market stability, reducing the likelihood of sudden, chaotic sell-offs.

SATS is named after Bitcoin’s smallest unit, Satoshi, extending the legacy of the Bitcoin Blockchain and creating trust among users. But SATS isn’t a mere follower; it’s forging its path. Its numerical symmetry with Bitcoin Satoshis is intriguing but distinct, with different values and applications.

SATS aims to be more than a currency; it aims to be a connection. Fostering human bonds along with its technical aspects, SATS is championed by a spirited community as the lifeblood of the Bitmap Metaverse economy. Its mantra “1SATS=1SATS” is a rallying cry for consistent value, with fair minting and potential widespread ownership.

With a total supply of 2,100,000,000,000,000, and 566,794,091,050,260.12 minted, the coin’s staggering supply mirrors the intergalactic ambition. Limited to 100,000,000 per mint, with 18 decimals, SATS was deployed on 09/03/2023 at 16:32:14, and it has already inspired 28,446 holders to partake in 10,646,334 transactions.

SATS’ journey, described as an intergalactic odyssey, emphasizes the importance of due diligence in crypto investments. It is a rallying cry for the Bitmap Metaverse pioneers to prepare for a thrilling journey, even suggesting it may land on the moon. But, it’s not just an underdog story. The driving forces behind SATS hint at the coin’s expansive potential within the Bitmap Metaverse and beyond.

So, here’s to SATS, the token that’s taking us not just to the moon but through an intergalactic odyssey. Hold on tight; the minting is just the beginning!


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