World can’t dedollarize without deleveraging: Brent Johnson

A Dollar Smoothie with a Twist: How the World’s Reserve Currency Keeps Sucking Up Strength!

The Dollar Milkshake theory, first put forward by Brent Johnson, has been a provocative idea stirring debates among economists, policy makers, and investors alike. The recent statement by Johnson only adds more flavor to this controversial economic concoction.

A New Perspective on the Milkshake
In his most recent comment, Johnson emphasized that “World can’t dedollarize without deleveraging. Can’t deleverage without deflation. System can’t survive deflation because debt-based & must grow or die.” He concludes that the underlying collateral of the global system, the USD, must rise, making dedollarization nearly impossible.

This statement adds an intriguing dimension to the Dollar Milkshake theory. It underscores that the relentless strength of the US dollar isn’t merely a function of economic performance or safe-haven status but is deeply rooted in the inherent nature of a debt-based system. Johnson’s new insights indicate that the interconnectedness of deleveraging, deflation, and dedollarization reinforces the dollar’s dominance.

Sucking Effect Intensified
The sucking effect described in the original Dollar Milkshake theory, wherein the US dollar draws strength from other currencies, could be even more potent due to the complexities of the modern financial system. Johnson’s comment highlights that any attempt to dedollarize would inevitably lead to a series of domino effects—deleveraging, deflation, and an eventual rise in the USD. This makes any movement away from the dollar not just difficult but potentially catastrophic.

Skepticism and Counterarguments
Of course, the Dollar Milkshake theory has its detractors. Critics argue that the metaphor oversimplifies a highly intricate financial ecosystem. Some believe that factors like interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical events can outweigh the mechanics described in the theory.

However, Johnson’s recent statement goes beyond the mere analogy, delving into the structural dependencies that make the US dollar indispensable. It presents a case where the underlying mechanisms of the global economy may be more milkshake-like than critics would care to admit.

The Future of the Milkshake
While the future of the US dollar remains unpredictable, Johnson’s recent insights lend credibility to the theory that the USD’s dominance may continue to grow. In a world tangled in debt and seeking safety, the sucking effect of the dollar appears to be a fundamental, if not inevitable, phenomenon.

Investors and policymakers must weigh these arguments carefully, considering not just the economics but also the inherent nature of our financial system. As the world stirs up its economic strategies, the Dollar Milkshake theory continues to provide food (or rather, drink) for thought, serving up a unique blend of insights with a twist.

In a global financial diner, the Dollar Milkshake continues to be the must-try item on the menu, but Johnson’s recent statement reminds us that this is no ordinary beverage—it’s a complex recipe that the world may find itself irresistibly drawn to, whether by choice or necessity.


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