StakeCube launches crypto exchange

The launch of the exchange together with a robust road map for 2019 makes StakeCube one of the most interesting projects to invest in

StakeCube’s much anticipated crypto exchange was launched on 14th May. The launch makes StakeCube the only platform with the first ever integrated pool and an exchange that stakes customer’s digital assets while they trade. Ever since its inception in June 2018, the team has put in considerable efforts to deliver a state-of-the-art staking pool to a 20,000 plus user base.

StakeCube Exchange has listed eight coins including StakeCube’s native SCC. The other prominent projects listed are PIVX, MMO, ESBC, BITG, RDD, NAV and Dash. Bitcoin is the base pair for the listed tokens. There are plans for SCC to be included as a base pair in the coming days or weeks. The new exchange developed by founder Oleg has a clean and user friendly interface, largely embraced by their customers. Currently, developers involved in building the exchange are gathering feedback from its user base on discord to improve the pool and exchange.

One thing that has worked in favour of this growing platform is team work and its positive reputation as a trustworthy network. With 29 coins listed in its pool, StakeCube has outlived some of its peers by delivering on promises as per their road map. The delivery of the exchange was one of the items included in the roadmap for 2019.

Before the exchange was opened, StakeCube also began offering 3.717% annual interest on Bitcoin deposits in customer wallets—a feature that is unique in the exchange space. No other crypto exchange offers interest to its user base for depositing bitcoin. This feature alone should make the exchange an attractive option for investors who are keen on trading with PoS projects.

StakeCube has many upcoming features planned for its community including an academy for Proof of Stake coins. As per the 2019 road map announced on discord, SC will offer coin creation for businesses this year. Many similar projects and staking pools have offered similar services in the past, however, most of them have failed to take off. The difference with StakeCube is it has a team that has been around since June 2018. The team includes Oleg, Tyolus, Chimaera, Mike, Marco, Daryl, Derek, Motor and Titanium (all discord handle names). The team have been largely accountable and available to its 20k plus user base despite a series of setbacks in the beginning.



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