4 Ways to Build a Bitcoin Investment—Without Spending Big

With prices going up, not everyone can afford Bitcoin (BTC) these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out entirely.

There are plenty of ways you can still participate in the ecosystem and collect Satoshis (SATS) to build a Bitcoin investment.

  1. Run a masternode of StakeCube and sell rewards to collect more SATS

Running a masternode is a good way to get passive income as you get rewards. Running a masternode isn’t complicated anymore. You don’t need any complex skills. All you need to do is lock in 1000 StakeCube coins (SCC) on the Flits mobile app or the StakeCube platform, and pay a marginal fee to run it. If you like to dive into a bit more technical stuff, you can lease server space and set up your own node. Once you run nodes, you are rewarded with their native coins almost every week. One SCC coin is worth around 1 USD and you can get up to $7 a week in today’s market value. So if you have a few of those running, it’s passive income that can be converted to BTC or you can compound your rewards to earn more returns and accumulate those SATS further down the line.

If you cannot afford to buy all 1000 SCC to run a node (worth around $1,000 in today’s value) you can simply deposit the coins you have into the StakeCube platform and earn interest. You can earn passive income with a fraction of the stake required to run a masternode.

For more information, go to https://stakecube.net/

  1. Flits nodes 

Flits is a mobile app that lets you combine wallets, masternodes and staking in one place. With Flits you can buy workers and contribute to Bitcoin mining as well as run your own nodes. To start your own masternode on Flits you only need 1000 FLS. Flits nodes have a relatively high return on investment, so this is a great way to create a passive income stream. You can also participate in a shared node with a lower initial outlay. 

Download the Flits App from the App store or Google Play

  1. Get BTCST and stake the tokens

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) is a cloud mining platform that is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. BTCST can be withdrawn and staked to earn rewards. Just be aware that BTCSTs need to be continually locked from 8.00pm SG time on day one to the same time the following day.

  1. Cash-back cards

There are credit and debit cards that give you cryptocurrency rewards in the place of points or other incentives. They work in a similar way to other cash-back cards. You earn rewards on purchases and these rewards are automatically converted to BTC and placed into a Bitcoin wallet. You can use your rewards like any other Bitcoin funding.

Earning SATS doesn’t necessarily require a huge investment and over time a small number can add up into a substantial passive income stream. Why not give one of these suggestions a try and find out for yourself?


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