Block #664673: Where Pixel Picks up the Shovel in the Great Metaverse Land Rush

A pioneer in the digital realm, Haste Arcade charts unknown territories in the Metaverse, one Bitcoin Bitmap block at a time

Digital landscapes are no strangers to the tech-savvy adventurers of today. However, the Haste Metaverse is staking claim to an unprecedented terrain. Yesterday, in an announcement on social media, Haste Arcade revealed that they are opening up parcels of digital land to the public in the Haste Metaverse, making them the first to offer such plots based on Blockamoto’s Bitcoin Bitmap protocol.

The concept of a metaverse is not new. It represents an expansive virtual space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. The Haste Metaverse, however, presents itself as a community-driven and publicly-owned land, blending the virtual and social fabric to create an interconnected space for people to connect and have fun.

The masterminds behind this venture took no time in embracing the revolutionary Bitmap protocol. “Our team heard about the protocol less than a week ago and made the decision to act,” the announcement read. The anticipation and excitement are palpable, as Haste Metaverse has decided to slowly unveil their project over the next two years.

Not Just Fun and Games
Haste Metaverse promises more than just an arcade. The post mentioned that “The arcade is but one of the attractions in the Haste Metaverse.” Even though Haste is widely known for its arcade, the organization implores its audience to think bigger. With a range of products already launched in less than two years, and more in the pipeline, the Haste Metaverse might just be the digital frontier adventurers have been waiting for.

A Bitcoin Endeavor
An essential aspect of the Haste Metaverse is its unflinching belief in Bitcoin. The announcement expressed that Bitcoin is their passion and emphasized the importance of adopting it more widely. Utilizing the Bitcoin Bitmap protocol, the Haste Metaverse aims to contribute to the web3 space and change the conventional methods of conducting business and utilizing money. Their adoption of #ordinals, a development in the crypto space, hints at their ambition to contribute to “real” adoption of Bitcoin.

A World of Possibilities
The announcement is an invitation to be part of something groundbreaking. It calls for enthusiasts to participate in the world’s first public sale of Metaverse land based on the Bitmap protocol. This is a clarion call for visionaries, developers, gamers, and pioneers to secure a piece of digital real estate within the Haste Metaverse.

Buying into the Haste Metaverse
Haste Metaverse land is located at block #664673. Each transaction within this block represents a parcel of land, and the amount of Bitcoin in each transaction corresponds to the size of the land in acres. For example, a transaction for 1.03 BTC would secure a plot that is 1.03 acres in size. So far, 8 out of 2,536 parcels have been minted. This innovative approach to parcel representation and size adds a new dimension to how the virtual land is acquired and owned.

As virtual worlds continue to evolve and reshape the way society interacts, Haste Metaverse is not only paving new paths but encouraging others to build upon them. Only time will tell how this pixelated promise plays out, but for now, the Haste Metaverse is a beacon for the limitless potential that lies within these digital landscapes.

Secure your plot in the Haste Metaverse and be part of the journey into uncharted territories


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