Cryptocurrency Betting on Taiwan Presidential Election Raises Legal Concerns

As the Taiwan presidential election approaches, residents are being cautioned against using cryptocurrency betting platforms to wager on the political outcome. The warning comes in the midst of an ongoing investigation, with several individuals already summoned for questioning.

Reports from local sources reveal that a number of Taiwanese citizens have engaged with the decentralized betting platform Polymarket to place bets on the upcoming presidential election scheduled for January 13, 2024.

“The community reported that several individuals have been summoned for investigation by prosecutors and investigators for participating in Polymarket bets,” stated the report. However, engaging in election-related gambling activities in Taiwan is prohibited by law, potentially violating Article 88-1 of the Election and Recall Act.

The report highlights the potential legal consequences, including a six-month imprisonment, detention, or a fine up to NT$100,000 (approximately $3,188 USD) for those found guilty of participating in such activities. The authorities are actively cracking down on individuals involved in cryptocurrency betting, emphasizing the seriousness of the legal implications.

As the investigation unfolds, residents are urged to be aware of the legal restrictions surrounding election-related gambling to avoid facing penalties. The use of cryptocurrency for betting purposes adds a layer of complexity to the situation, raising questions about the enforcement of existing laws in the evolving landscape of digital currencies.


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