DAPS named Most Innovative Masternode Project in 2020

The results for the first category of the 2020 Masternode Community Awards are out. And the winner of the Most Innovative Masternode Project in 2020 is DAPS, a privacy-centric blockchain with a focus on security and scalability. The project touts itself as the world’s first fully private blockchain with the Proof of Audit protocol.

The category which focuses on the “Most Innovative Masternode Project” received entries from over 55 masternode projects with close to 1000 responses. The Masternode Buzz team received entries from projects like 3DCoin, Allnodes, ALQO, Bitcoin Token, Dash, Divi, Matrix AI, NIX, Polis, TELOS, Wagerr, and lots more.

DAPS is the first project to incorporate RingCT, Ring Signatures, Bulletproofs on a hybrid staking chain. We’re fully private, have no known exploits or well poisoning and our proof of audit protocol is a first and that’s what’s solving the ‘Trust problem’ other coins have.

Divi Project was voted the second Most Innovative Masternode Project in 2020 with 110 votes. It comes as no surprise that DIVI is a fan-favorite in the masternode space. The project has made some giant leaps in the last few years.

The Divi Project is a blockchain project that runs with the slogan “Crypto Made Easy”. The company focuses on bringing cryptocurrency to everyday users by making it more user-friendly. Divi is famous for introducing the multi-tier masternode concept and claims to be the first blockchain project with a single-click masternode setup system.


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