Flits to unveil its web version on Aug 13

Flits, the decentralised mobile app known for hosting masternodes and staking, is all set to unveil its web version next month.

“We have been working hard on the web version of Flits. We wanted to release it earlier, but we have been making updates to it to make it more fluid and easy to use. We have the release planned for August 13,” Flits CEO Mitchel Van Amstel has said.

The announcement comes more than a month after Flits unveiled its 4.0 version, with enhanced features like security passcode and biometrics.

Flits will also let people buy crypto currencies through its swap feature. Swap allows users to exchange coins in the Flits app with other participants.

“We have found a new partner which will make it possible for us to implement fiat to crypto. This means that people will be able to buy coins like Bitcoin in our app, but we will also make this available for FLS and later also to more coins inside our swap feature,” says Amstel.

And for those eagerly waiting for Wirecard, there’s some good news as Amstel has also announced the release of the Flits card.

“There have been a few sweats in the past weeks with Wirecard missing a few billion dollars, but we are now confident that we can safely release the card soon. We are integrating it into the app now and when finished there will be more details on the ordering and shipping process,” he says.

Well, what else on the cards? A new gift card provider with enhanced features. “Soon we are switching over to a new gift card provider, which will give us access to a much wider choice of cards, for all our users from all nationalities. The gift card screen will be a bit revised so it will be a clearer shop with filters and search options,” says Amstel.

Moreover, for better handling of tickets, Flits is implementing Zendesk into its systems. “We are also currently having contact with a few new guys who will be trained to be of quick assistance to you,” the CEO says.Last, but not the least.

In the August update of the app, Flits will be adding KYD verified logos to the app, message signing, finishing up the discover section, adding fixes, and more detailed masternode info. “Also more swap enhancements will be implemented,” says Amstel.


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