IllumineX Set to Launch IDO on 15 December

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, illumineX has stepped into the limelight with its announcement of the Public Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and the revelation of Whitelist winners. This pivotal moment signifies a new era for the illumineX community, blending innovation with a commitment to inclusivity.

The journey begins on Friday, 15th December at 14:00 GMT, with the inauguration of the Guaranteed Whitelist IDO. This exclusive 24-hour window caters to those selected through community events and by the illumineX team, ensuring full participation by limiting the number of subscriptions.

The adventure continues on Saturday, 16th December at 14:00 GMT, as the Whitelist IDO for Raffle Winners takes the stage. Here, the fortunate recipients from both illumineX’s and other communities’ raffles have the opportunity to submit their allocated contributions. This phase, following the Guaranteed Whitelist IDO, prepares for a potential oversubscription up to 130%, reinforcing a first-come, first-served policy.

Later that day, at 20:00 GMT, the Public IDO opens its gates to all raffle participants. This phase is a contingency plan in case the $300,000 target isn’t met during the Whitelisted period. It allows participation for wallets with a history of raffle involvement, capping contributions at $500 per person to ensure fair play.

The final act unfolds on Sunday, 17th December at 20:00 GMT, when the Public IDO becomes accessible to everyone for a week. Participation is open to all, irrespective of prior Whitelist or raffle involvement, adhering to the same $500 maximum contribution rule. Any tokens left unclaimed after this period will be burned, adding an element of urgency to the event.

A notable aspect of this event is the acceptance of funds exclusively in USDT on Ethereum, with $IX tokens distributed on Oasis Sapphire. Participants are also advised to account for potential gas fees in their calculations.

Those eager to verify their Whitelist status or raffle success can do so via illumineX’s dedicated Whitelist checker page. This transparency is a testament to illumineX’s commitment to its community, offering clarity on allocations and selections across the different phases of the IDO.

Acknowledging the vast interest and limited availability of Whitelist spots, illumineX has opened the Public IDO round to all raffle participants, ensuring no member of the community is left behind.

The launch phase of illumineX is equally meticulous. The platform has undergone a third-party audit, aiming for a mainnet release by late December or early January. This step is crucial in establishing a secure and compliant platform.

The Token Generation Event (TGE) is slated for early January, contingent on the audit’s outcome. To facilitate a fair and equitable launch, illumineX has introduced several measures. These include an Anti-Whale mechanism limiting purchases to 0.50% of circulating $IX tokens in the first hour and an Anti-Bot strategy to curb malicious activities. Additionally, an initial high buy and sell tax is set to deter bot participation, which will be reduced after the initial trading period.

Post-launch, illumineX plans to use the taxes collected in the first hour for a significant buyback and burn, adding an interesting dynamic to the market’s initial response.

In anticipation of their launch, illumineX has ensured ample liquidity to meet market demand, with $IX/$Rose on Sapphire being the primary pair, though subject to potential bridging delays and costs.

This entire initiative by illumineX not only marks a significant milestone in their journey but also underscores their zeal to usher in a new age of privacy-focused, decentralized solutions in the Web3 space. For those who missed the Whitelist, the Public IDO round remains a beacon of hope, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and opportunity in the burgeoning crypto world.


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