Jobs Growth in the Blockchain Space

The biggest bank in the US is breaking records, listing the highest number of blockchain jobs for any firm in the financial industry.

As reported by Forbes, JPMorgan Chase is also the only finance organisation in the top ten companies to post jobs featuring the words ‘blockchain’, ‘bitcoin’ or ‘cryptocurrency’.

Taking its top ten place alongside corporates like IBM, Microsoft and Deloitte (posting the highest job number), the US mega bank reflects the growth in blockchain employment—despite volatility in cryptocurrency markets.

JPMorgan sees crypto value

Perhaps it’s not surprising that financial organisations aren’t rushing to hire cryptocurrency experts. After all, the blockchain space uses DeFi platforms to disrupt traditional money markets.

Yet JPMorgan Chase took the crypto plunge as early as 2017. Seeing the writing on the wall, the Wall Street corporate launched Quorum—an interbank payments platform fuelled by blockchain. Two years later, it added JPM Coin, a token designed to simplify inter-client payments.

According to Yahoo Finance, the major bank listed 34 open blockchain job positions this month. Many of its engineering positions focus on integrating Coin with the Liink network, which features more than 400 other banks.

Crypto jobs trending up

Indeed survey figures reported by Forbes reveal an increase of more than 4,086% in blockchain centred job postings since 2016. The five-year period has also seen a five-fold increase in related job searches.

In the US, the steep growth in job demand is happening in traditional tech-based areas like Silicon Valley and San Francisco. This is followed by New York City, Newark, New Jersey and Jersey City. Other areas include Washington, Boston, Texas and LA.

Outside the US, the growth centres on Asian blockchain hubs like Singapore, where emerging cryptocurrency tech is welcomed. As Taylor Vinters reports, the Singapore Government has been experimenting with alternative money markets, setting up a special authority to explore distributed ledger technology.

Unlike India and China, where cryptocurrencies are banned or a ban is being considered, Singapore is busy building a regulatory framework for the licensing and operation of blockchain companies.

Pomp jobs lead the crypto way

For anyone looking to enter or advance in the blockchain space, is where it’s at. Founded by US entrepreneur and tech investor Anthony Pompliano, the employment portal specialises in a range of cross-sector DeFi and bitcoin roles.

In his own Twitter feed, Pompliano describes the job-seeking platform as a place where you can “help build the future and take back the system”.

Pompliano has made it his mission to increase the profile and power of cryptocurrencies through his website, social media, industry interviews and regular podcasts.

As this niche employment field continues to grow, other job boards like are also offering a selection of curated blockchain jobs in the industry.

Photo by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash


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