StakeCube Plans Chrome Extension and Zero-Fee Trading to Accelerate DeFi and Web3 Integration

Maria Irene

September has been a defining month for StakeCube, as the crypto platform unveiled a flurry of updates aimed at enhancing its utility and expanding its footprint in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 spaces. The company gave a sneak peek into its work-in-progress Chrome Extension, as well as a series of upgrades in both its tokenomics and NFT-related features. StakeCube’s strategic moves could pave the way for making decentralized services more accessible and robust.

Starting with the most talked-about update—the StakeCube Protocol (SCP) Chrome Extension. While details are still sparse, the extension is highly anticipated and can serve as a gateway to connect StakeCube’s offerings with decentralized applications (dApps) and services. Integrating a browser extension creates a seamless user interface that can function as a wallet and an interface for interacting with DeFi platforms and other Web3 services. This Chrome Extension aims to bring a raft of DeFi services to its existing user base, effectively broadening its ecosystem.

Further enhancing the StakeCube Coin (SCC), the company introduced a leveled-up bonus system. This revamped bonus system has catalyzed an increase in both the demand and the price of SCC. The new system offers a sliding scale of benefits, depending on the number of SCC tokens held. Individuals holding more than 10,000 SCC will now earn up to 10 free nodes with complimentary hosting. Specifically, for every 5,000 SCC held, users receive one free node. These benefits cap at a 50,000 SCC holding.

But the perks don’t stop there. StakeCube has also rolled out a tiered trade fee reduction program. Under the new structure, a holding of 50,000 SCC enables users to trade with zero fees on the StakeCube Exchange. The mechanics are straightforward; for the first 10,000 SCC, users get a 0.01% reduction per 1,000 SCC. Beyond that, every 4,000 SCC contributes another 0.01% reduction, up to 50,000 SCC. This aggressive fee structure is expected to stimulate more trading activities on the platform, further elevating the SCC token’s utility.

In line with its commitment to adapt and evolve, StakeCube has left room for ongoing review of this bonus program. It’s clear that the platform is keen on maintaining flexibility to adapt to market dynamics and user demands.

On September 21, StakeCube also announced version 1.2.0 of its protocol, significantly focusing on the security and control of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) data. In a bid to empower creators and improve security, the platform has now mandated each user to generate their unique API keys for NFT data access. In addition, StakeCube has initiated local IPFS nodes to ensure the data’s robustness, availability, and integrity. The move is designed to safeguard against instances where uploaded NFT data could go missing, an issue that they’ve already started to tackle.

Lastly, CK, the CEO of StakeCube, warmly welcomed Monero (XMR) into its family on September 18. The inclusion of Monero allows users to add XMR to their StakeCube wallets, thereby diversifying the range of assets supported by the platform.

As StakeCube fine-tunes its features and adds new functionalities, it’s clear that the platform is laying the groundwork for a broader and deeper involvement in the ever-evolving worlds of DeFi and Web3. These initiatives suggest that StakeCube aims to be more than just another crypto platform; it aspires to be a comprehensive ecosystem that brings decentralization to the fingertips of its growing community.


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