UnixonICP and LedgerLife Unveil Exclusive NFT Collection

UnixonICP and LedgerLife.io have teamed up to launch the “Goats of UNIX” NFT collection, set to debut on Monday, 16th June. This limited series features 101 unique NFTs, each priced at 1 ICP.

Highlights of the Collection:

Exclusive NFTs: Only 101 NFTs, created in collaboration with LedgerLife.
Community Investment: 80% of proceeds will buy back UNIX from the liquidity pool, enhancing value for the community.
Bonus for Holders: Each “Goat of UNIX” NFT holder will receive a “Metacomputer” NFT by the end of July.
Future Collaborations: This launch is the first of many planned collaborations with LedgerLife.
Creative Projects: Additional art, photos, caricatures, and collectibles will be released, with sales supporting further buybacks of UNIX.
LedgerLife.io is a well-established media platform providing expert insights into crypto, NFTs, macroeconomics, and real estate. With over three years of experience, more than 13,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 250k video views, LedgerLife has become a trusted voice in finance.

This partnership marks a significant step in expanding the UNIX ecosystem, aiming to deliver unparalleled value to the community. Mark your calendars for 18th June to be part of this exclusive opportunity.

Background on UNIX
UnixonICP launched in February, focusing on sustainable growth and community engagement rather than the fleeting appeal of typical meme coins. This project sets itself apart with a strategic emphasis on long-term value for its holders, steering clear of the short-lived nature of pump-and-dump schemes.

Central to UnixonICP’s strategy is a strong commitment to its community. The project’s eagerly awaited roadmap promises comprehensive plans to boost community involvement and secure a prosperous future for its token holders. This approach signifies a shift from conventional tactics, aligning with a philosophy that prioritizes consistent and meaningful growth.

A notable twist in UnixonICP’s journey was the accidental burning of 13,000 coins from its original supply of 100,000. Despite this setback, the team’s resolve remains firm. With a revised total supply of 87,000 coins, UnixonICP continues its ambitious pursuit to rank high among ICPI meme coins in market capitalization, focusing on enhancing the value it offers to its community.

A key development is the collaboration with ICPswap, set to introduce new features to the platform and enrich the ICPI meme coin ecosystem. This partnership aims to unlock new opportunities and utilities for community members, further cementing UnixonICP’s market position.

Addressing the critical concerns of fairness and security in the meme coin space, UnixonICP is developing mechanisms for fair launches. This initiative is vital for protecting community members from risks like rug pulls, fostering a safer environment for participating in meme coin projects.

The community eagerly anticipates the detailed roadmap, expected to outline strategic initiatives, milestones, and timelines guiding UnixonICP toward its goals. The project’s commitment to transparency and its promise to share a vision for the future underscore its dedication to the community.

UnixonICP showcases the power of innovation and community in the cryptocurrency world. By blending meme coin enthusiasm with sustainable growth and community empowerment, UnixonICP navigates the digital currency landscape with a distinctive and promising strategy. As the project evolves, it continues to inspire and engage, marking a significant chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of cryptocurrencies.


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