Bit-coinfused? Inflation Sparks Fresh Debate on Bitcoin’s Real Bling!

Maria Irene

In a quirky twist, recent posts on X platform have ignited a fresh debate around Bitcoin’s valuation, especially when juxtaposed with 2017’s top price of $20K. Taking inflation into account, some on X suggest the cryptocurrency’s value might be inflated, while others consider it a golden opportunity.

A post from an unnamed source recently highlighted that, accounting for inflation, Bitcoin’s price is only marginally above its 2017 peak. This caused a ripple of reactions, with users like @nocturnal256, aka “ninjaHODL”, mentioning that in terms of M1 money supply, Bitcoin hasn’t reached a new high since 2017. Hammond of Texas (@FieldNas) was quick to express concern, hoping for some positivity. The sentiment was echoed by @AllisonMDstack, who cheekily pointed out, “In other words, it’s the deal of the century.”

However, Hammond is cautious about the short term, suspecting a 30% decline before the next bull market. Others like @Carforcoin suggest that this just underscores the rising value of other goods compared to Bitcoin. Yet, @sunny051488 laments that early adopters may not have gotten the best deal, implying that recent buyers had a better price basis.

There are reminders like from @MrVenomian pointing towards Bitcoin’s role as a hedge against value erosion. Meanwhile, the ever-optimistic @nasumbati looks to the future, confidently predicting, “Won’t matter when it’s at 300k next top”. Chiming in with a bit of sarcasm, @ewaneth retorted, “but fiat is worthless right? RIGHT?”

Delving into personal experiences, @mavropocalypse reminisced about selling Bitcoin in 2017 for a family purchase. The same item’s cost today reinforces the inflation argument. @johndoeisback, however, highlights the challenge of measuring inflation reliably.

Yet, as always in the crypto world, there’s skepticism. @bugshappyeat questions if perhaps the Bitcoin narrative has been misguided for the past six years. Amidst this debate, @TennCove somberly notes, “Man, it’s been a tough ride.”

To cap it off, @wine_crypto brings the conversation full circle, cementing Bitcoin’s reputation as a strong inflation hedge.

In the tempestuous world of crypto, opinions are as volatile as the market itself. One thing’s for certain, though – whether you’re bullish or bearish on Bitcoin, the conversation is always electric!


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Maria Irene
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