Bitcoin: A ‘Super Logical’ Step Towards a Transparent Future, Says OpenAI CEO

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman voiced his enthusiasm for Bitcoin, hailing it as a “super logical” progression on the tech tree. Altman’s sentiments were not only rooted in the global currency’s independence from government control but also in its potential to combat corruption.

“I’m excited about Bitcoin,” Altman shared during the podcast. “I think this idea that we have a global currency that is outside of the control of any government is a super logical and important step on the tech tree.”

The interview delved into Altman’s perspective on Bitcoin as a potential world reserve currency and his reservations about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). As the founder of Worldcoin, Altman emphasized the positive impact of a technologically driven world, including Bitcoin, in curbing corruption.

“In a world where payments are no longer like bags of cash but done somehow digitally, and even if you’re using Bitcoin, someone can watch those flows,” Altman explained, highlighting the potential for reducing corruption.

While Rogan expressed optimism about Bitcoin’s potential as a “universal viable currency,” Altman’s endorsement dates back a decade. In a blog post from ten years ago, Altman argued that a global shift to Bitcoin transactions would significantly enhance transparency and, consequently, reduce corruption.

However, both Altman and Rogan expressed strong opposition to CBDCs, with concerns about the United States evolving into a surveillance state. Rogan voiced his worries about CBDCs giving governments excessive control over individuals’ spending habits, cautioning against the potential linkage to a social credit score.

“I’m very worried about central bank digital currency and that being tied to a social credit score. That scares the shit out of me. The push to that is not for the overall good of society; that’s for control,” Rogan emphasized.

In an era of evolving financial landscapes, Altman and Rogan’s conversation sheds light on the transformative potential of Bitcoin while raising crucial questions about the implications of CBDCs on individual privacy and societal well-being.


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