Digital Yuan Giveaways Boost Adoption, Claims Chinese Central Bank

In a push to accelerate the adoption of the digital yuan, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) asserts that its digital currency giveaway programs are yielding positive results. According to the state-run People’s Daily, the Digital Currency Research Institute, the dedicated arm of the PBoC for digital yuan, reports a high success rate in its digital currency adoption initiatives.

Various entities, including banks, tech giants, and city governments, have distributed millions of USD worth of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) tokens, discount vouchers, and free hardware wallets. Despite some international critics questioning the effectiveness of these programs, the institute claims that over 90% of the distributed coupons and coins in giveaway events have been redeemed since the launch of the e-CNY pilot.

In certain regions, the uptake has reportedly reached as high as 99%, challenging the narrative of low CBDC adoption. Critics argue that CBDC transactions constitute less than 2% of the Chinese payments market, but the institute’s data paints a different picture.

The PBoC’s strategy has evolved beyond retail benefits, with recent efforts focusing on promoting the digital yuan’s role in cross-border trade, tourism, and domestic business. Collaborations with e-commerce giants like and Meiutan have been integral to this shift, offering introductory discounts to e-CNY-paying customers.

Moreover, the PBoC emphasizes the role of digital yuan smart contract technology in driving adoption. Dong Ximiao, Chief Researcher at the China Merchants Union Finance and a senior researcher at Fudan University, suggests that CBDC smart contracts can cater to the differentiated needs of the government. This advancement allows local governments and industries to customize conditions for fiscal subsidies, enabling monitoring throughout the entire fund issuance process.

In a bid to engage international users, the PBoC has introduced English language options on the official CBDC app, coinciding with China’s hosting of the Asian Games. Partner banks are also educating overseas visitors and international students on using the digital yuan for payments, signaling the PBoC’s intention to extend the currency’s reach beyond domestic boundaries.

As China continues to explore new avenues for digital yuan adoption, the success of giveaway programs and the integration of smart contract technology showcase a multifaceted strategy aimed at establishing the digital yuan as a prominent player in the global financial landscape.


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