Coal Mining Company Quietly Mines Bitcoin, Reveals $25M Balance Sheet Holding

Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP), a prominent coal mining company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, has unveiled a surprising facet of its operations—Bitcoin mining. The revelation came during the company’s first-quarter earnings call, where Cary Marshall, ARLP’s senior vice president and chief financial officer, disclosed that they’ve been quietly mining Bitcoin for over three years.

Marshall explained that the initiative stemmed from their excess power capacity at mining operations, presenting an opportunity to monetize these spare resources. This led ARLP to invest in Bitcoin mining equipment between 2020 and 2021, coinciding with a period of significant price growth for Bitcoin.

Today, ARLP boasts a balance sheet with 425 BTC, valued at $25 million, in addition to its $2.8 billion market capitalization, which has seen a 6% increase over the past five trading days. Interestingly, this means that ARLP has been involved in Bitcoin mining for a similar duration as MicroStrategy, a notable Bitcoin holder, which entered the space in August 2020.

Marshall clarified that ARLP isn’t directly purchasing Bitcoin but rather mining it through their acquired equipment. This assertion is backed by the company’s first-quarter 8K report filed with the SEC, listing $30.3 million worth of “digital assets” on its balance sheet.

The integration of Bitcoin mining into ARLP’s operations showcases a unique synergy between traditional energy industries and the burgeoning crypto sector. While Bitcoin mining has faced scrutiny for its energy consumption, ARLP’s approach leverages underutilized electricity, aligning with sustainability efforts.

Nishant Sharma, founder of Bitcoin mining research firm BlocksBridge, views ARLP’s foray into Bitcoin mining as a strategic move that capitalizes on energy resources efficiently. He anticipates similar initiatives from other energy firms, recognizing Bitcoin mining’s potential economic benefits.

ARLP emphasizes that its Bitcoin mining operations utilize existing, underutilized electricity loads without additional coal consumption. However, this disclosure has sparked debates about Bitcoin’s environmental impact, with some expressing concerns despite ARLP’s efficiency claims.

Daniel Batten, co-founder of CH4 Capital, remains cautious about drawing immediate conclusions regarding ARLP’s involvement in Bitcoin mining. He acknowledges the nuanced discussion required around Bitcoin’s environmental footprint and hopes for more informed analysis in mainstream discourse.

ARLP’s venture into Bitcoin mining underscores the evolving landscape of energy utilization and digital currency integration. As industries explore innovative ways to optimize resources, the intersection of traditional sectors like coal mining with cutting-edge technologies like Bitcoin mining presents intriguing possibilities for economic growth and sustainability initiatives.


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