From YouTube Stars to NBA Players:, the Crypto Sensation Everyone’s Friending

Maria Irene

This past weekend, the crypto world was set ablaze by the sudden rise of The platform has gathered attention and traction at an extraordinary pace, garnering 80,000 new users in just 10 days and attracting tens of millions in investment. But what is driving this sudden interest and where might it lead?

Friend Tech’s reach is extending far beyond the crypto community. Notable figures like YouTuber FaZe Banks, Gracie Hartie from OnlyFans, and NBA player Grayson Allen have all jumped on the platform’s leaderboards. Their presence on emphasizes how the world of crypto is dwarfed by mainstream internet platforms and how might bridge that gap.

In a recent announcement, the team added a twist to the platform by renaming Shares to 𝗞𝗲𝘆𝘀. The original name was merely a placeholder during development, and the term “Keys” is seen as better illustrating their purpose as in-app items used to unlock friends’ chatrooms. This creative renaming emphasizes the platform’s focus on connection and accessibility.

Crypto-native celebrities like DJ duo Disclosure and artist Beeple are also contributing to the buzz around While their association with crypto is already known, their endorsements add further legitimacy and might attract more attention from the mainstream audience. has sparked technological and community experimentation. Developer Foobar introduced a tokenization wrapper, allowing fractionalization of Keys (formerly known as Shares). The addition of a 5% royalty tax led to controversy, and the code was forked to exclude the fee. This raises intriguing questions about the underlying value of the platform and how it could evolve.

With venture capital support, has a wide array of opportunities ahead. The platform is still in its infancy, but additions like media sharing could open new use cases and spur further innovation. The anticipation of future updates keeps the community engaged and speculative about what’s next.

The rapid rise of puts it at the forefront of Web3 narratives, leaving many to wonder if SocialFi is the next crypto trend. The integration of economic primitives with social apps may provide a sustainable way to unlock new value. According to investor Chris Burniske, the transition towards social games might be the catalyst that bridges crypto-native features with the mainstream.’s emergence is a fascinating case study in the crypto world. Its rapid growth, acceptance by both crypto and non-crypto influencers, technological innovation, and untapped potential indicate a promising future. The renaming of Shares to Keys adds a fresh and intriguing layer to the story. The big question remains: Is this a flash in the pan, or the start of a revolutionary trend in the crypto space? Only time will tell, but is certainly a name to watch closely.


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