Goal for Empowerment: FC Barcelona and World of Women Kick Off Unique NFT Auction

The worlds of football and blockchain technology are colliding in a spectacular fashion, as FC Barcelona, one of the most globally recognized and revered football clubs, teams up with World of Women, a leading name in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space. Together, they plan to release an exclusive NFT titled “Empowerment” – a digital tribute to the phenomenal Spanish player, Alexia Putellas.

Set to be the second release in FC Barcelona’s ten-piece “Masterpiece” NFT collection, the “Empowerment” token is a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art. It’s not just a tribute to Putellas, but a celebration of the rise of women in football, a testament to their strength, resilience, and ambition. The piece encapsulates the essence of Putellas’ contribution to the sport and her role in leading FC Barcelona to numerous victories.

Alexia Putellas, the Barcelona midfield maestro, has been instrumental in the team’s success, helping them clinch the semi-final match of the Women’s Champion League against German team Wolfsburg in April 2022. With almost 92,000 viewers watching the game, her skill, passion, and determination were on full display. It is these moments that the “Empowerment” NFT aims to encapsulate and immortalize on the blockchain.

This unique token is not merely a piece of digital art; it represents a new era in sport, a time when clubs are embracing blockchain technology to forge a deeper connection with fans. As Diana-Luk Ye, Web3 Partnerships and Marketing Manager at World of Women, explains, the creation of the “Empowerment” NFT is an attempt to “further support the mission” of empowering women and non-binary people across the Web3 space and beyond.

The “Empowerment” NFT will be available for purchase via auction on the OpenSea marketplace, a leading NFT trading platform, from June 26 to June 28. The auction isn’t just for the token; it’s an opportunity for fans to secure a piece of FC Barcelona history and a unique connection with their favorite player, Alexia Putellas.

The new owner of the “Empowerment” NFT will also enjoy various FC Barcelona benefits. This includes an opportunity to meet Putellas – a dream come true for any football fan. Adding to this, they’ll receive a pair of soccer cleats signed by Putellas herself, a tangible memento to complement the digital token.

However, the rewards don’t stop there. The “Empowerment” NFT owner will also receive a physical chair from Barcelona Stadium Spotify Camp Nou, a relic from one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world. Accompanying this is a signed portrait of Putellas by artist Oscar Tusquets, making the entire package a must-have for any die-hard FC Barcelona fan or NFT collector.

The release of the “Empowerment” NFT is a groundbreaking moment in the crossover between sports and the digital realm. It exemplifies how NFTs are not just digital collectibles but can also act as a unique medium to pay tribute to sports stars, connect fans more closely with their idols, and even contribute to the larger conversation about representation and empowerment in sports.

In this digital age, the “Empowerment” NFT serves as a testament to how sports teams like FC Barcelona are embracing new technology to engage with fans and celebrate their players. With this innovative approach, they are not only creating valuable digital assets but also contributing to the growing recognition of women in football, one NFT at a time.

As we anticipate the auction of the “Empowerment”token, it’s clear that this isn’t just an event for the crypto community or football fans alone. It’s a celebration of the strides women are making in football and a nod to the potential of blockchain technology in transforming how we appreciate and engage with the sport. It’s a goal for empowerment, a goal for progress, and a goal for the future of football.

Indeed, the “Empowerment” NFT isn’t just a digital token; it’s a symbol of the evolving landscape of football, where the physical and digital realms can co-exist and complement each other. It’s an acknowledgement of the power of blockchain technology to create meaningful and unique connections between a club, its players, and its fans.

As we look to the auction on June 26, we can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. Not just for the lucky individual who will get to own this unique piece of FC Barcelona history, but for what this means for the future of football and digital collectibles. If the “Empowerment” NFT is any indication, the future looks bright, inclusive, and full of endless possibilities.

The FC Barcelona and World of Women collaboration sets a new precedent for how sports clubs can leverage NFTs to celebrate their players and engage their fans. It’s a game-changing move that signals a new era in the sports industry – an era where digital innovation and representation are at the forefront.

The “Empowerment” NFT is not just a tribute to Alexia Putellas. It’s a tribute to all women in football, a tribute to their resilience, their strength, and their ambition. It’s a testament to how far women have come in the sport, and a hint of the incredible journeys they are yet to embark on.

In the end, the “Empowerment” NFT is more than just a digital collectible. It’s a symbol of progress, a piece of history, and a step towards a more inclusive and innovative future in the world of football. The auction on OpenSea isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration – a celebration of empowerment, of representation, and of the beautiful game we all love.


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