ShapeShift’s Multichain Snap Revolutionizes MetaMask and the World of Crypto Wallets!

In a display of crypto innovation, ShapeShift DAO and the MetaMask Snaps launch have ushered in a transformation in the world of crypto wallets and web3, heralding an era of empowerment and innovation. This partnership, combining ShapeShift DAO’s Multichain Snap with MetaMask, has given rise to a web wallet that reimagines the possibilities of digital currencies, including the elusive Bitcoin.

To understand this transformation, users merely connect their MetaMask wallets to and install the Multichain Snap. This straightforward process opens many opportunities, enabling them to send, receive, track, trade, and even earn with various cryptocurrencies, making digital finance more accessible and versatile.

The collaboration between ShapeShift DAO and MetaMask represents a leap in crypto technology, creating a bridge that grants users unprecedented control over their digital assets. This partnership underscores the crypto world’s dedication to innovation and user-centric solutions, laying the groundwork for more pioneering developments.

The convergence of ShapeShift DAO and MetaMask Snaps is a notable development in the crypto landscape as ShapeShift becomes one of the first projects to integrate Snaps. It ushers in an era where financial empowerment and innovation take center stage. With this integration into the ShapeShift wallet, DeFi activities, NFT management, asset storage, and more become seamless and visually appealing.

MetaMask Snaps Open Beta: Pioneering a Permissionless Ecosystem

September 12, 2023, is a date to remember as MetaMask launches its Snaps Open Beta, embarking on a journey to create a fully permissionless ecosystem. This move marks a significant milestone for the popular Ethereum wallet, promising to redefine the future of web3.

MetaMask Snaps introduces an intriguing twist to the world of web3—a platform inviting developers to craft solutions for web3’s most intricate challenges without the need for MetaMask’s approval. It envisions a permissionless ecosystem where any developer can build features for MetaMask, and anyone can tailor and enrich their web3 experience.

The Snaps concept has evolved from an idea into reality, now available in Extension v11.0+. This feature empowers users to integrate features and functionalities from independent developers directly into their MetaMask wallets, transforming them into modular powerhouses.

But what exactly is a Snap? It’s a feature or functionality developed by independent crypto community developers, allowing users to seamlessly integrate them into their MetaMask wallets. This decentralization of development opens doors to limitless creativity and innovation within the crypto sphere.

The core philosophy behind MetaMask Snaps revolves around the belief in a decentralized internet accessible to all and owned by its users. While MetaMask’s roots lie in Ethereum, it recognizes that innovation spans various domains within the web3 ecosystem.

Snaps aim to encapsulate the full spectrum of this innovation by enabling developers to contribute their specialized expertise to the platform. The ultimate vision is for MetaMask Snaps to become fully permissionless, eliminating gatekeepers and fostering an environment where creativity flourishes without constraints.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that MetaMask Snaps has not reached its final destination on the journey toward full permissionlessness. Achieving this vision requires time, iterations, and continuous enhancements—a process in which the MetaMask community plays a pivotal role.

MetaMask Snaps Open Beta invites users to test and provide feedback, actively shaping the future of MetaMask. The Snaps available in this Beta have undergone rigorous audits by third-party experts and the MetaMask team, ensuring a high level of security and reliability. These verified Snaps are listed in the MetaMask Snaps Directory, with more additions on the horizon.

The decision to establish an allowlist for Snaps was made with caution and a firm commitment to security. It underscores MetaMask’s dedication to prioritizing user safety throughout the development journey.

MetaMask Snaps Open Beta represents a step toward a permissionless crypto ecosystem, encouraging users and developers to actively participate in shaping the future of digital finance. As this journey unfolds, MetaMask continues to lead the way in fostering innovation and empowering users within the crypto sphere, unlocking a world of possibilities.


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