Unleashing the Mammoths: The AI Guru’s Journey Into the Wilds of Genetic Revival

From tech pioneer to genetic trailblazer, Ben Lamm is an entrepreneur with an unusual career trajectory. He gained acclaim as a software maven, founding startups like Chaotic Moon Studios and Conversable, and establishing Hypergiant Industries. These ventures elevated Lamm to industry stardom as an innovator in AI and technology. Yet, his latest venture, Colossal, sees him swap AI algorithms for DNA sequences in an audacious attempt to de-extinct lost genes and reinstate iconic species, starting with the woolly mammoth.

Colossal’s unique mission does not involve cloning extinct animals but aims to restore extinct genetic attributes to current species. As part of a revolutionary field called de-extinction, the company plans to birth its first calves by 2028. Remarkably, this path has been pursued by Lamm, who hails from a background in AI and coding, rather than biology. He approaches de-extinction as a complex systems problem, a strategy that has so far paid dividends.

Colossal, incubated in May 2021, has already drawn staggering financial attention. Within two years, the company raised $225 million, earning a valuation of $1.5 billion. The moonshot vision – to restore the past for a better future – caught investors’ eyes. By resurrecting extinct creatures, Colossal aims to pioneer technologies for human healthcare and species preservation.

Lamm’s interest in de-extinction was sparked during a conversation with George Church, a Harvard professor and leader in synthetic biology. Church’s work on restoring the woolly mammoth to aid the tundra’s degraded ecosystem captivated Lamm. Despite a lack of biological training, Lamm dove headfirst into this endeavor, trusting his abilities as a CEO, systems thinker, and entrepreneur.

Yet, his unorthodox background elicited initial skepticism from potential investors, who were concerned about the lack of scientific experience on the team. Undeterred, Lamm’s relentless curiosity and learning appetite fuelled his pursuit of the project. He swiftly mastered the reins of his new venture, even stepping down from his previous role at Hypergiant to focus on Colossal full time.

However, Colossal’s work extends beyond resurrecting extinct species. The project could potentially aid in combating climate change and improving food security by unlocking deeper understandings of genetic engineering and reproductive technology. As the company continues to grow and develop, it emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with smarter individuals to work on such ambitious projects.

Lamm’s visionary enterprise, Colossal, has redefined what we think of as moonshot projects. Yet, his belief in the project’s potential impact and his commitment to learning sets him apart as a leader. Undeterred by the magnitude of the task at hand, Lamm and his team stand poised on the cusp of a breakthrough in genetics and biodiversity preservation.

Colossal is a beacon of ingenuity, curiosity, and ambition. Its mission – daring, audacious, and revolutionary – encapsulates Lamm’s tenacity. As he straddles the worlds of tech and biology, we are reminded that boundaries are there to be pushed and paradigms to be shattered.

This fascinating journey of Ben Lamm from a tech-entrepreneur to a pioneering figure in de-extinction is credited to an insightful interview conducted by Peter H. Diamandis.


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