How Mintable is Fuelling the NFT Boom

Mintable is more than a marketplace for digital art assets. It’s aiming to become the centre of a new cultural movement which bridges the worlds of technology and the arts. And Mintable CEO Zach Burks predicts growth on a massive scale—with massive value attached.

This innovative platform is the natural home of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)—unique digital tokens which can be used to invest in artwork and collectables.

By bringing artists, musicians and creators into the crypto spotlight, Mintable gives everyday users a chance to view, buy and trade art—both virtual and traditional tangible pieces.

Art for everyone—the Mintable way

Forget niche investments for the monied. Mintable is a decentralised space where users can browse a diverse range of artwork, then mint and trade their NFTs with no prior coding expertise.

As Zach Burks told Cult.Today: “Buying a digital piece has a ton of benefits over a traditional, being instant, not worrying about shipping, not worrying about damage.”

Built on the Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchains, Mintable aims to protect the rights of both artists and traders. Creators gain a safe showcase and marketplace for their work, while users can view and purchase pieces with guaranteed authenticity and provenance. They also get to create their own digital art.

It could be said that Mintable is democratising the arts as cryptocurrencies have democratised the financial sector, combining both worlds in one smart platform.

Cutting-edge tech that also passes the ‘mum test’

Burks says that Mintable is catering for the significant shift in thinking and society towards all things digital—similar to the late 90s shift from letters to email.

Yet the platform is user-friendly, with an extremely low learning curve. The company borrowed principles from Amazon, eBay and Etsy for the NFT ecosystem.

“We have a ‘mom test’. Can my mom use Mintable? That’s how we think about the platform overall and the goal we try to achieve with something as complex and nuanced as blockchain technology,” Burks says.

The company continues to pursue the Mintable goal—“the largest user base of people using/interacting with NFTs due to the design features and ease of use principles we built.”

So where are NFTs heading?

As a recent report by shows, global trading in NFTs reached more than $250 million in 2020—close to a threefold increase from 2019.

Everybody’s getting revved up about NFTs—and not just in the arts. Half of a St Louis home has gone up for auction on Mintable in an NFT property sale. Users are buying everything from NBA Moments to shares in Michael Jordan running shoes.

Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a popular US Shark Tank participant is certainly backing the tokens, with an undisclosed investment in Mintable.

According to Mr Burks: “We are shifting the digital economy into NFTs and as society comes on board more and more, we will see a ton of massive value being created as NFTs globally.”


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